Quick Tips for Successfully Recruiting and Managing Seasonal Employees

| A.R. Mazzotta

Feel like fall is passing by too quickly? There’s good reason.  Across Connecticut, retailers are already setting up their holiday displays, priming consumers to begin their seasonal spending just a little bit earlier.  Despite a flagging recovery, the National Retail Federation still predicts a holiday spending increase of 2.8% (slightly higher than the 10-year average), […]

Build a Better Performance Review by Incorporating Values-Based Criteria

| A.R. Mazzotta HR and Management Tips

Want to improve your performance review process? Most managers do.  Traditional performance reviews may fall short for any number of reasons: Appraisals may be subjective. Appraisals often reflect what a manager remembers (typically the most recent events).  Managers may write traditional reviews based on their opinions, because real performance management takes substantial time and follow-up […]

Happy New Year

| A.R. Mazzotta

We at A.R. Mazzotta Employment Services send you wishes for a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010. Happy New Year!