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Should Your Small Business Use a CT Staffing Agency?

CT staffing agencyStaffing agencies are playing a bigger role in providing employment services to small and mid-size companies. Why? Because they can deliver better job candidates while saving a company valuable time and money when it comes to hiring their workforce.

Small businesses certainly can have their pick of staffing agencies. There are many out there – some big and some small. In Connecticut alone, there are 230+ agencies that employ over 130,000 people each year.

How Can a CT Staffing Agency Can Help?

A staffing agency can help support the hiring needs of small and mid-size businesses in many ways:

Temporary/Contract Staffing – using a CT staffing agency for your temporary staff needs allows you to scale your workforce up – or down – without a big investment in time or money. A staffing agency can quickly get temps in place to accommodate peak seasons in sales or production. They will handle the candidate interviews and screen/test/reference check all potential hires.

A staffing agency also assumes payroll responsibility and workers’ comp insurance costs for temp workers – saving employers time and other valuable resources.

Temp-to-Hire using a temp-to-hire staffing solution lets an employer evaluate a new hire’s job performance while the employee is on the staffing agency’s payroll. This gives an employer more time to evaluate a temp employee’s work ethic and make sure she’s the best long-term asset for the company.

Temp-to-hire candidates go through the same screening processes as other temp workers and candidates. If there are background checks or other screenings that the employer requires, the staffing agency will fulfill the company’s policies.

Direct Hires – with direct hire positions, a staffing agency helps the employer find talent, and the employer hires the candidate directly. Most agencies offer some type of replacement guarantee for direct hires, typically 90 days. At A.R. Mazzotta, we offer a 6-month replacement guarantee with 100% protection for the first 90 days of employment.

A bonus of working with a CT staffing agency is they not only have access to a big network of active job candidates, but they can also extend their search to passive job candidates at competitor agencies.

Additional Services 

Some staffing agencies offer other services beyond hiring. A.R. Mazzotta offers Job Posting & Resume Screening services for employers that prefer to keep their hiring functions in-house but don’t have adequate time to promote their job openings and screen resumes. We’ll post jobs in multiple job boards and search engines, review each resume that comes in and only present the top candidates to employers.

Many small and mid-size businesses use a staffing agency to help with pre-employment skill assessments. A Skill Assessment service is ideal for employers that lack the time and resources to carry out testing on their own. At A.R. Mazzotta, we offer interactive skill and behavioral assessments that can help evaluate a job candidate in various categories.

We can administer assessments at our offices or at the employer site. Assessments can also be emailed to candidates. We will evaluate the scores and determine if the candidate would make a successful hire.

If you’re a small or mid-size business that’s been thinking about working with a CT staffing agency, contact A.R. Mazzotta. We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit one of our 4 locations in Middletown, Wallingford, Watertown or Westbrook.