Supplier Diversity Program

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Add A.R. Mazzotta To Your Team

A.R. Mazzotta is certified by the State of Connecticut Supplier Diversity Program as a Women Owned, Small/Minority Business Enterprise. This allows businesses using the services of A.R. Mazzotta to meet contract supplier diversity requirements, while building stronger communities.

The Power of Supplier Diversity

Today, more and more companies are looking to partner with small or minority-owned businesses like A.R. Mazzotta. As a certified woman owned enterprise in the state of Connecticut, we can offer many benefits to the companies that we work with:

  • Possible tax incentives, rebates
  • Fulfillment of state/federal supplier diversity requirements
  • More flexibility than larger suppliers
  • Fresh ideas, diverse points of view
  • Competitive advantage within new minority markets


A.R. Mazzotta is certified in the state of Connecticut as a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small/Minority Business Enterprise (SBE/MBE).

  • State of CT (
  • Dept of Administrative Services (DAS)
  • Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

A.R. Mazzotta is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer, and is committed to maintaining a friendly, fair, and productive environment that supports the spirit of affirmative action and equal opportunity. We value a diverse workforce community of qualified applicants and employees.

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To learn more about A.R. Mazzotta’s Supplier Diversity Program and our certification as a Women Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise in Connecticut, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss what benefits we may be able to offer your organization.