Recruiting for Direct Hire

Direct hire staffing that delivers results.

Your Source For Top Talent

The landscape of our workforce has changed significantly in recent years, and it continues to evolve in light of our day-to-day economic climate. The desire for top talent, however, will always be high. And many employers rely on direct hire agencies to find skilled workers who meet their hiring needs.

What is Direct Hire Staffing?

Direct hire staffing is a type of recruiting service available to employers that are seeking job candidates for positions within their company. The positions are typically regular hire, full-time, permanent placement positions that require a specific skill set. The staffing agency manages the direct hire process and does all the heavy lifting – recruiting and screening candidates, managing skill assessments, and conducting interviews. The new hire becomes an employee of the company and is placed on their payroll with company benefits.

The Benefits of Direct Hire Staffing

You might seek out direct placement staffing help because your company is growing and needs more staff. Or maybe you’re looking to replace someone who left. Finding top talent for your organization is not easy. It takes time to create job descriptions and advertise your positions. Then it takes more time to recruit, screen, interview, and onboard your new hires. Using a direct-hire agency like A.R. Mazzotta instead of your own internal resources offers many benefits.

More Quality Candidates

With our direct placement staffing service, you get access to our expansive database of talent, including passive candidates who are currently employed but open to a new opportunity if the right one came along. Through our custom talent search and rigorous selection process, we’ll find you a perfect match from our deep talent pool.

Faster Hiring

Using our direct hire staffing services will help you get new (and better quality) hires faster. We hit the ground running and manage the entire process for you, from screening to hiring. There are no interruptions – we move fast and stay focused to make sure your new hires come on board faster, so they can get to work sooner.

No Risk

Our comprehensive and proven process, plus our talented team of recruiting specialists, ensures that we’re successful in finding you the perfect placement. But if a candidate doesn’t work out for some reason, our services are guaranteed with a 6-month replacement agreement that offers 100% protection for the first 90 days.

Put Our Direct Placement Staffing Services to Work for You

Let’s match your hiring needs to the skills and experience of our talent network. We have the best tools for placement success and can fill a variety of direct hire positions for your organization – administrative, professional, health care, finance, manufacturing, and more. Contact us today to get started.