Career Placement

Make A.R. Mazzotta part of your success team.

Find Your Next Career Opportunity

Are you ready for a career that’s exciting, rewarding, and a perfect match with your skills and personal goals? A.R. Mazzotta can make it happen! As one of the top job placement agencies in CT, we understand the many factors that go into making a career decision, and we’re here to help.

What are Career Placement Services?

It’s pretty simple – career placement is a staffing solution that helps job seekers find their next employment opportunity. Think of it as expert job-hunting support that starts with your job search and ends with a permanent, full-time placement at an employer. The best part is that your career placement agency is there each step of the way to guide you through the process.

The Benefits of Job Placement Services

Getting job placement help from a staffing partner like A.R. Mazzotta comes with many benefits not just for job seekers, but for employers as well. Companies that are looking to hire will turn to us to find better quality candidates that are the perfect match for the roles they need to fill. For job seekers like you, this means greater access to job opportunities as well as these other benefits:

  • Faster Job Search
    We make sure your job search is fast and effective. We’ll meet with you to identify your career goals, preferred work environment, skills, and salary requirements. Then we do a job search that’s precisely tailored to your needs – saving you time and securing your career placement faster than if you managed the process yourself.
  • More Access to Job Opportunities
    You’ll have access to potential job opportunities that might not be advertised. That’s a big advantage in today’s ever-changing employment landscape. And our candidate screening process, which includes interviews and skill assessments, helps us hand-select and present you with only the best job opportunities.
  • Less Stress
    Conducting a job search on your own can be time-consuming, complex, and frustrating. You need to set a clear course of action and always be searching for new opportunities. Having an employment placement agency guide you through your job search can bring peace of mind and less stress to the entire process.

Start on Your New Career Path Today

Our personal approach to job placement is the key ingredient to successfully placing you into a rewarding career. Get started on your new path by applying today or searching our latest job openings. We’re always looking for top talent in many industries including professional, health care, finance, manufacturing, administrative, and more.