A.R. Mazzotta in Thomaston, CT

Focuses on Litchfield and Fairfield counties.

Thomaston Recruitment Agency

Our Thomaston recruiters are focused on helping employers and candidates in Litchfield and Fairfield counties.  

We Can Help You Find Thomaston Careers 

Our Thomaston office serves Litchfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut. Employers and job seekers count on us to make the right match. We opened an office in Watertown, just one town over from Thomaston, in 2015. So, we are familiar with the community.  

Over the last several years, we fell in love with the unique place of Thomaston. There is a lot of rich history in the area. More than that, opportunities for workers are seemingly endless. This led us to open our Thomaston satellite office in 2021.  

Thomaston has an abundance of manufacturing and warehouse jobs. Positions available range from quality inspector and machine operator to assembly and general office jobs. The team of recruiters at A.R. Mazzotta can help you find Thomaston careers based on your skills and experience. Our recruitment agency can help you with all of the following and more.  

  • Career advice: Our team of professionals can help you identify jobs that will help you further your career.  
  • Resume feedback: When we have learned about your career aspirations, our Thomaston recruiters will help you polish your resume to better market yourself to employers.  
  • Interview preparation: During the interview process, our team can give you insights into the employer and potential questions that will be asked.   
  • Access to work: Your resume will get in front of more hiring managers when you work with A.R. Mazzotta. Our number one priority is finding you a job you’re happy with. 

Why You Should Choose A.R. Mazzotta As Your Staffing Partner 

We build strong relationships with candidates to supply employers with a talent pool with the skills they need. Each candidate is evaluated for job-specific and soft skills to ensure they will thrive on the job and help employers reach their business goals. Once they have been vetted, they are added to our talent pool.  

When you become a staffing partner with A.R. Mazzotta, we will tap into our talent pool to help you find candidates to suit your needs. Because we have already verified their skills and experience, you can rest assured they can get the job done. We’ve also screened to ensure they’ll be a good cultural fit too.  

As experts in office, professional, manufacturing, and distribution, our Thomaston recruiters know what it takes to be successful in the industry. We work to meet all of your staffing needs with our decades of industry knowledge, no matter how big or small. Our services include the following, and more:  

  • Direct hire recruiting for full-time employees  
  • Temporary staffing solutions to address skills gaps  
  • Long-term contract staffing to meet deadlines or project needs  
  • Temp-to-hire contracts to help get to know a candidate  
  • Job posting to make sure your listing attracts the right attention 
  • Resume screening to save your organization time and money  
  • Skill assessments to verify each candidate’s experience 

Our Thomaston Recruiters Are Here For You 

No matter what your company’s needs are, our Thomaston recruiters will be able to assist you. Our team sits down and gets to know your business from the inside. We can help you plan for future staffing trends and address immediate needs. Everything is catered to what will benefit your organization the most. Learn more about how the team at A.R. Mazzotta in Thomaston can help you. 

For job opportunities, staffing and recruiting in Litchfield and Fairfield counties, contact the Thomaston office of A.R. Mazzotta.