Employee FAQs

When do I get paid?

A.R. Mazzotta’s payday is Thursday.

  • Direct Deposit is submitted to your financial institution for Thursday deposit
  • If you prefer to have your paycheck mailed, it will be mailed from our office

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes, for your convenience we offer direct deposit at no charge. In fact, we encourage you to use direct deposit.

Email:  payroll@armazzotta.com
Fax: 860-347-2941

IMPORTANT: Direct deposit requires a test period of one (1) week. This means you will receive a paycheck that week (not direct deposit). 

When do I submit my timecard?

We understand how important it is to be paid every week. In order to ensure we are able to process your pay, please submit your timecard NO LATER than MONDAY at 11:00 am. Timecards received after this time may not be processed until the next pay period.

What is the link to the online timecard?

Online Timecard

Help! I can't remember my username and/or password?

Please contact the payroll department by calling (860) 347-1626 or using the Payroll Department Contact Form, Monday through Friday between 8:00am-5:00pm for assistance.

How do I schedule time off?

Please contact your A.R. Mazzotta staffing professional for any request regarding time off. Your staffing professional will work with you to coordinate your request with the company in which you are currently working.

Do I qualify for A.R. Mazzotta’s benefits package for hourly employees?

Refer to the benefits package booklet for qualification factors. When you believe you qualify, please contact the payroll department using the Payroll Department Contact Form or call (860) 347-1626 to confirm.

What benefits does A.R. Mazzotta’s benefits package for hourly employees provide?

To help make your career success a reality, A.R. Mazzotta offers some distinct advantages over other staffing agencies, along with a benefits package that goes above and beyond the staffing industry standard.

  • Health Insurance

You talked.  We listened.  Health Insurance is the number one most important benefit.   For this reason, A.R. Mazzotta is proud to offer three (3) quality ACA plans to provide you with a variety of insurance coverage choices from a copay plan to a health savings account plan.   These are the same plans that our corporate staff have and include a comprehensive in-state network as well as an out-of-state hospital and physician network.

A.R. Mazzotta is proud to present the following quality plan options:

  • Health Insurance
    • Three (3) quality health plans providing you a selection of various levels of coverage and pricing from which you can choose.
    • All health plans include Preventative Care Services, Screenings, and Immunizations at no charge when you go to an In-Network Plan Provider.  (See attached for list of services covered.)
    • All health plans offered include a comprehensive in-state network as well as an out-of-state hospital and physician network through an alliance with UnitedHealthcare (UHC).
    • Both H.S.A. plans offer an optional Health Savings Account.
    • All plans offered are Affordable Care Act qualified.
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan

Insurance coverage is for long-term, fulltime employees, defined as working a minimum 30 hours per week and 130 hours per month on a non-seasonal and/or long-term job.  Fulltime employees are eligible to enroll in health insurance that starts the first of the month after working 60 days.  Seasonal and short-term jobs do not qualify for health insurance until the job converts to a regular full-time job – see Employee Handbook for details.  Part-time jobs under 30 hours per week and 130 hours per month do not qualify.

  •  AAA Membership & Discounts

A.R. Mazzotta cares about the safety of its employees, and as such, offers AAA Membership after 3 months of continuous employment.  When you become an AAA member you will have access to a variety of benefits such as emergency road service, maps, shopping discounts, dining discounts, movie ticket discounts, cell phone plans, etc.

Interested in working with A.R. Mazzotta long-term?  We believe in rewarding full-time employees for their longevity and dedication and offer an extended benefits package that, in addition to Health Insurance and AAA Membership, includes:

  • Work Anniversary Bonus

A.R. Mazzotta recognizes that loyal and dedicated employees are the foundation of a successful company.  In appreciation of longevity, full-time employees receive an annual bonus for each work anniversary.

  • Flexible Paid Time Off (Flex-PTO)

People enjoy paid time off and A.R. Mazzotta’s Flex-PTO is a benefit that provides full-time, long-term employees the flexibility to choose when, how, and in what increments employees want to use it. It can be used for reasons such as vacation, holiday, sick/medical leave, personal time, snow day, appointment, or other time out or day off.  How you use your Flex-PTO is your choice.

Please refer to the benefits package booklet for qualification factors and details.

How do I get paid for time off?

Flex-PTO will only be paid when an employee submits a Flex-PTO request form one week prior to payment. We will try to accommodate requests received with less than one week’s notice whenever possible.

With the exception of holidays, sick or unexpected days off, time off must be approved by the job site supervisor. Please have your on-site supervisor sign your Flex-PTO request form before submitting it.  Submit a request form to payroll PRIOR to payment: Payroll Department Contact Form or call (860) 347-1626

Will I be paid for the holiday?

You may use your Flex-PTO benefits to be paid for holidays.

Can I get copies of my pay stubs?

Your pay advice will be emailed to you each week you work.

We encourage you to save copies of your pay stubs. But, if you find yourself needing copies, contact the payroll department using the Payroll Department Contact Form or call (860) 347-1626.

How can I get a verification of employment letter?

Contact payroll directly using the Payroll Department Contact Form or call (860) 347-1626 to request employment verification letters.