Employee Benefits

When you work with A.R. Mazzotta, you can be confident you’re working with one of the best employment agencies in CT. You can also be certain that you’ll get personalized service from a team that truly cares about you and your success.

A.R. Mazzotta employee benefits

What We Offer

To help make your career success a reality, A.R. Mazzotta offers some distinct advantages over other staffing agencies, along with a benefits package that goes above and beyond the staffing industry standard.

  • Health Insurance

You talked.  We listened.  Health Insurance is the number one most important benefit.   For this reason, A.R. Mazzotta is proud to offer three (3) quality ACA plans providing you with a variety of insurance coverage choices from a copay plan to a health savings account plan.   These are the same plans that our corporate staff have and include a comprehensive in-state network as well as out-of-state hospital and physician network.

  •  AAA Membership & Discounts

A.R. Mazzotta cares about the safety of its employees, and as such, offers AAA Membership after 3 months of continuous employment.  When you become an AAA member you will have access to a variety of benefits such as emergency road service, maps, shopping discounts, dining discounts, movie ticket discounts, cell phone plans, etc.

Interested in working with A.R. Mazzotta long-term?  We believe in rewarding full-time employees for their longevity and dedication and offer an extended benefits package that, in addition to Health Insurance and AAA Membership, includes:

  • Work Anniversary Bonus

A.R. Mazzotta recognizes that loyal and dedicated employees are the foundation of a successful company.  In appreciation of longevity, full-time employees receive an annual bonus for each work anniversary.

  • Flexible Paid Time Off (Flex-PTO)

People enjoy paid time off and A.R. Mazzotta’s Flex-PTO is a benefit that provides full-time, long-term employees the flexibility to choose when, how and in what increments employees want to use it. It can be used for reasons such as vacation, holiday, sick/medical leave, personal time, snow day, appointment, or other time out or day off.  How you use your Flex-PTO is your choice.