Job News for 2021 Graduates

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There’s plenty of news on the job front for 2021 graduates about to embark on their careers. Some of it is good—great even—while some fall somewhere between not-so-good and very bad. The great: the job market’s hot as the country emerges from the pandemic. The not-so-good: the competition to snag jobs is fierce. The really […]

What Does an Administrative Assistant Do?

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When inquiring about the role of an administrative assistant, you may hear songs of praise that include phrases such as “the glue that holds the company together,” “couldn’t make it without him/her,” “MVP,” or other glowing terms of endearment. Why? Because a stellar administrative assistant can indeed be a dynamic force equivalent to a secret […]

4 Characteristics of Exceptional Call Center Reps

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It’s happened to every one of us. We reach a customer service representative whose professionalism, knowledge, and pleasant helpfulness masterfully handles every detail of our dilemma. The encounter is so satisfying that a warm glow presides over the rest of our day. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the flip side as well. As luck would have […]

Is Warehouse Management for You?

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You’re considering a career in warehouse management. Fabulous. If logistics and supply chain movement and the ins and outs of warehouse traffic interest you, then a career in warehouse management may be right up your alley. While this sector had enjoyed a steady incline for the past decade, demand for warehouse space surged as e-commerce […]

Put A Little Spring in Your Career 

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Have we ever longed for spring as profoundly as we do in 2021? As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, we grasp the longer days a little tighter than in previous years. We cling more closely to the promise of warmer temperatures. We burst forth from our homes into the sunshine with a bit […]

Remote Workforce Continues to Grow: What Positions Work Well Remotely?

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The number of folks seeking remote work opportunities has been on the rise in recent years. And with good reason. The list of perks enjoyed by remote employment affords the flexibility many long for in these days of complex lives, hectic schedules, and family responsibilities. For a host of individuals and families, remote work translates […]

The Realities of Long-Term unemployment

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The good news: fewer Americans are unemployed now than at any time since the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to shut down the U.S. economy. The bad news: The 6.7% unemployment rate in December is nearly twice that of the pre-pandemic rate of 3.5%. More bad news: The ranks of America’s long-term unemployed continue to swell. Although […]

A Look at the 2021 Connecticut Job Market

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With a ‘good riddance’ to 2020 and a hopeful eye toward 2021, Connecticuters are forging ahead. While the road back to a pre-pandemic economy promises to be challenging, predictors see great strides being made by the end of 2021. Pete Gioia, economic advisor to the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, states, “The data points to […]

How to Be a Standout Employee    

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”    — Aristotle You’re the new guy or gal on the payroll. Of course, you want to perform your tasks and responsibilities well—that’s a given. But what you really want is to get noticed, to stand out, in a positive […]

Staying Focused on the Job

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Whether it’s the telephone ringing non-stop across the hall, the commotion of new construction next door, or the ping, ping of message notifications, staying focused on your job responsibilities can be challenging. Add worry about keeping the family healthy, the time constraints of juggling hectic schedules, and the always-present concerns about finances, and the amount […]