10 Emerging Jobs for College Grads

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emerging jobs for graduates

Another year, another round of college graduates who will soon be seeking employment. The University of California San Diego Extension has released their annual list of the top 10 emerging jobs in the U.S. for college grads. Using employment projection data from labor-market data company Emsi, the short list was compiled by combining the highest […]

5 Myths Job Seekers Have About Staffing Agencies

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myths job seekers have

  Searching for a job is a daunting task for many. But if you’ve recently found yourself out of work, or you’re yearning for a new opportunity with a different employer, the only way to land a new job is to look for one. This takes effort and a certain level of skill. When the […]

#JOBGOALS: How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

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2018 job goals

  According to the Statistic Brain Institute (yes, that’s a real thing), the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were the following: Lose weight/healthier eating Life/self-improvements Better financial decisions Quit smoking Do more exciting things Spend more time with family/close friends Work out more often Learn something new on my own Do more good […]

How Robotics Employment is Impacting the Job Market

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robotics employment

Have you ever worried that one day, robots will take over the world? Sounds like a crazy thought. But as companies in some industries begin to replace human jobs with robots, some people fear that it’s just a matter of time until bots are ruling the entire galaxy. The good news is that robots taking […]

How to Get Out of Your Job Rut

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job rut

Not digging your job these days? Think you might be in a job rut? Most everyone has experienced the feeling at least once or twice in their career. Sometimes it’s a temporary thing, but sometimes it’s serious enough to take an earnest look at your situation and see what you can do to make it […]

What Makes a Great Project Manager?

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project manager

What exactly is “project management”? According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading project management organization with over 450,000 global members, project management is defined as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.” Great! So what’s the definition of a project? PMI says a […]

How CT is Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2017

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manufacturing day

Manufacturing Day 2017 is slated for this week – October 6th. This annual event, also known as MFG DAY, is celebrated throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico and has gained much popularity since its inception in 2012. Here’s a quick snapshot of what MFG DAY is all about and what it offers to manufacturers, youth […]

How to Make Your Move from Temp to Direct Employee

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In recent years, the use of temporary employees in the U.S. workforce has jumped considerably. According to the American Staffing Association, more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for U.S. staffing agencies in an average week. And with this increase in temporary work in recent years comes an increase in the number of […]

How to Excel in a Customer Service Role

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excel in a customer service role

As different industries and markets continue to grow and become more saturated, many businesses are looking to customer service as one way to differentiate themselves from the competition. They’ve learned over the years that the way customers communicate and interact with businesses has drastically changed. Today’s customers are more knowledgeable, thanks in part to the […]