3 Ways to Get Your CT Job Search Started Right

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CT job search

If you’re currently in the market for a new CT job, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of resources throughout the Constitution State you can use to help make your CT job search as efficient and effective as possible. Here are three CT job search tips to get your started. With the […]

Too Sick to Work? 5 Tips to Think About.

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too sick to work

It’s winter. It’s January. We live in Connecticut. It’s cold. Maybe you feel like taking a day off from work for no other reason than it’s warm and cozy in your bed and you really don’t want to get out of it. Or, maybe you’re feeling under the weather but you’re on the fence and […]

Here are the Best Job Opportunities for 2017

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best jobs of 2017

Wondering what the best jobs for 2017 are? Findings released last month by CareerBuilder and Emsi, a labor market data provider, break down the top 5 job categories for this year based on the following – occupations that pay an average of $20 or more an hour; have grown faster than the overall job market […]

Tips for Writing LinkedIn Recommendations

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tips for writing linkedin recommendations

New year, new you. It’s not uncommon for people to evaluate certain aspects of their life as another year goes into the history books. For some, that means considering a job move or exploring a completely different career path. With most job transitions comes a lot of work – a refreshed resume, maybe a new […]

How to Work Your Network Over the Holidays

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For many people, this week’s Thanksgiving holiday marks the official start of the holiday season. It’s typically a time for crazy busy schedules in your personal life, but sometimes the work grind slows down a little and there’s time to catch up on things. That’s what makes the holidays an ideal time for business networking. […]

Healthy Work Habits – 7 Ways to Get Started

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healthy work habits

In just about a month, news stories and social media posts from all around the world (at least it seems that way) will be buzzing about New Year resolutions. That’s right…it’s almost that time of year again when weight-loss promises will be made – and broken – faster than you can say “Gimme that donut!” […]

Math + Science = High-Paying Jobs in 2016

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high-paying jobs in 2016

While it’s certainly not the only factor that’s important when exploring a career opportunity, salary is usually near the top of the list of considerations. Earlier this spring, a new report from Glassdoor presented a list of the most high-paying jobs in 2016. From looking at the list, it’s pretty clear that a background in […]

3 Tips for Handling Multiple Job Offers

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handling multiple job offers

The phone rings. It’s the job offer you’ve been waiting for. Sweet! This is the kind of opportunity you hoped would come your way. Next day, phone rings. Surprise – yet another job offer from another potential employer. Now what?! Being presented with more than one job offer is a nice situation to be in, […]