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How to Show Appreciation to Your Coworkers

With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, many professionals are adopting an attitude of gratitude. While the main focus is often on family and friends, showing your appreciation to coworkers is a wise move. It helps you forge stronger relationships with people you engage with regularly at work. Plus, it can lead to a positive culture where expressing gratitude is the norm. 

If you’re wondering how you can show appreciation to your coworkers, several options work well. Here are some gracious acts to consider. 

Say Thank You (and Be Specific) 

In many cases, saying “Thank you” is far more powerful than many people expect. All professionals like to be recognized for their efforts, and this simple phrase lets you do so whenever you’d like to express your gratitude. 

However, if you want to take the “Thank you” to the next level, make sure you’re specific. Tell your coworker precisely what you appreciate about them, highlighting traits and skills that have made a difference in your interactions or acknowledging moments when they went out of their way to help. That addition makes your sign of appreciation far more meaningful, increasing its impact. 

Offer Them Help 

Another straightforward way to show your appreciation for your coworkers is to offer them direct help. Whether that’s taking a task off of their plate when they’re overloaded, volunteering to participate in their project team when your expertise is relevant, or anything else, it makes your colleague feel seen and supported. 

When you offer help, make it about them, not you. For example, you can mention wanting to return a past favor that made a difference or you noticing that their stress levels of high and that they deserve support. With that, you’re demonstrating that you aren’t in it for their appreciation but to show that they’re valued. 

Give Them a Shoutout 

Many work tasks are cumulative efforts. If you’re heading up a project or had an individual task that a coworker assisted on, make sure they get credit for their part in the equation by giving them a shoutout. 

Let your colleague know you’d like to ensure their contributions get noticed, then inform the appropriate parties at the right time. For example, during a project meeting, you can mention the difference your coworker’s efforts made to the success of it, increasing their visibility. Otherwise, you can speak with the colleague’s manager directly to express your appreciation and make sure your coworker gets suitable recognition. 

Bring in Treats 

If you want to show appreciation for all of your team members, bringing in treats is an easy option. A box of donuts on a random morning, cupcakes to celebrate a successful project, and similar options are generally well-received. Couple that with an announcement stating that the treats are here to recognize their efforts, and it’s even more meaningful. 

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