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Powerful Phrases to Use During a Job Interview

The primary goal when interviewing for a job is to impress the hiring manager. Usually, that’s done by showcasing you’re the best possible fit for the position and the company’s culture.

However, positioning yourself as a strong candidate isn’t always easy. Often, other job seekers that are interviewing for the job have similar technical credentials and amounts of experience. As a result, you need to find other ways to differentiate yourself.

Fortunately, by using specific phrases during your interview, it’s easier to make an outstanding impression. Here are a few powerful phrases to use during an interview that are likely to get the hiring manager’s attention.

“Based on the Job Description…”

With this phrase, you’re showing the hiring manager that you reviewed the job description thoroughly before your interview. Typically, you’d use it when answering questions like “Why are you interested in this job?” or “Why are you a fit for this position?” It allows you to open strongly and outline which of the stated requirements caught your attention and align with your capabilities.

Similarly, the phrase, “Based on my research…” is also powerful. That variant can work when answering questions like, “Why do you want to work for this company?” You can lead off with that phrase and then discuss aspects of the company’s culture, mission, or values that you discovered when reviewing a company’s website or social media profiles that resonated with you, leading to a compelling answer.

“You” and “Your”

The terms “you” and “your” are incredibly useful when you’re interviewing for a job. When you work them into your answers, you’re showing the hiring manager that you’re factoring their needs and preferences into the equation. Essentially, it ensures that any answers you provide aren’t overly focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

Additionally, using “you” and “your” as you prefer responses helps you reposition your skills as value-adds. It’s easier to figure out how to frame your capabilities based on how they’ll benefit the hiring manager and prospective employer, which can also lead to more engaging answers.

“I Don’t Know, But…”

On occasion, you may get asked a technical question that you don’t know the answer to, a situation that can potentially work against you. However, if you’re honest about your lack of knowledge, you’re actually moving in the right direction. You just need to make sure you expand your answer correctly.

If you aren’t sure what the answer is, start your response with, “I don’t know, but…,” then discuss how you’d get the information you need to find the requested answer or navigate the scenario. By doing that, you’re demonstrating you’re honest, as well as your problem-solving capabilities and diligence. It shows that you have skills that let you find details you don’t have, and that’s something most hiring managers view as valuable.

“May I Ask a Question?” or “I Have a Question”

While these phrases seem relatively benign, they’re highly impactful. Asking questions about the job, team, or company is an easy way to demonstrate that you’re interested in the position. Essentially, they show that you’re engaged in the process and want to learn more, both of which work in your favor.

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