Job Posting and Resume Screening

Expert help for finding the right candidate.

Recruiter Resume Screening

Two of the most time-consuming tasks for hiring managers are job posting and resume screening. The good news is A.R. Mazzotta can help. Our resume screening and job posting services are designed for employers who have limited time and resources to effectively advertise job openings and carefully review resumes.

About Our Job Posting Services

A.R. Mazzotta uses the most reputable and effective job posting resources in the staffing industry. You can be confident that your current job opportunities are getting great exposure and getting noticed by the right audience of highly qualified candidates. Our team will take care of posting your job on multiple search engines and job boards – from general and premium boards to specialized job boards that focus on a certain industry like healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and others. We also take care of monitoring your postings to make sure they stay active or get taken down once a job position is filled.

Reliable Resume Screening Services

Using the right kind of job posting services for your open positions will lead to getting the right kind of resumes. The next step our team will manage is the resume screening process. Our resume screening service includes reviewing and evaluating each application and determining whether a job candidate is qualified for a certain role within your organization. This screening process takes time and focus – and we’ll present to you only the top candidates for interview consideration. Our resume screening services also include your exclusive use of all resumes received. They are not retained in our database for consideration by other employers.

Speed Up Your Hiring With Our Job Posting and Resume Screening Services

If you’re ready to bring great new hires through your door faster, contact A.R. Mazzotta. We can quickly and carefully transition your job posting and resume screening work into the capable hands of our team, so you’re interviewing only the most qualified candidates, and getting them hired and set up for success sooner than you thought possible. Let’s get started!