A.R. Mazzotta Year in Review

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A.R. Mazzotta

Wow! Is it almost time for 2018 already? It sounds a bit cliché, but every year seems to fly by quicker than the last. As we look back on 2017, it was another great year for A.R. Mazzotta. Our company is honored to work with so many great CT employers and job candidates, and we […]

7 Jobs to Pursue if You’re Bilingual

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jobs to pursue if you're bilingual

  Being fluent in more than one language can be a great thing. It opens your eyes to new cultures and gives you greater appreciation for the world around you. It can also make you a very attractive job candidate, especially for certain positions. Here are some of the top jobs to pursue if you’re […]

Less Conflict, More Productivity!

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Virtual Teams - Businessman experiencing virtual reality in file storage room at workplace

By Cynthia Clay   Is there more or less conflict when teams work virtually? You might think that once you work from home (or a remote office), there are fewer people to get on your nerves and therefore your work environment will be more peaceful and conflict-free. The reality is that conflict may be hidden […]

7 Ways to Give a New Employee a Warm Welcome

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Ways to Give a New Employee a Warm Welcome

One of the best ways for employers to retain their employees is to make sure they always have a sense of connection to the company’s mission and workplace culture. That connection is what sets your employees up for long-term success. And it should start on their first day of employment. Here are 7 ways to […]

Women in Manufacturing Summit Headed to CT

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women in manufacturing summit

Next week, Women in Manufacturing (WiM) will hold their 7th annual Women in Manufacturing SUMMIT in CT. The event takes place September 13-15 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford and will draw hundreds of manufacturing professionals from around the country. WiM is a national organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring women who are […]

From A.R. Mazzotta’s President: What It Takes to Succeed in Staffing

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succeed in staffing

In the words of Martha Stewart, it’s always “a good thing” to gather with other staffing professionals, both locally and nationally, and talk shop. That’s exactly what happened when I attended the recent Affiliated Staffing Group (ASG) meeting in Denver, Colorado. ASG is a national association of more than 30 independently-owned staffing companies representing 33 […]

Top 10 Qualities of Good CT Staffing Agencies

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good CT staffing agencies

What are the top traits of good CT staffing agencies? Better yet, what are the top traits of great CT staffing agencies? Here’s our top 10 list in no particular order (because they’re all important!) #1 – Experience For both CT employers and job seekers, it’s important to partner with a CT staffing agency that […]

Why Direct Hire Recruiting is Smart for Today’s Job Market

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direct hire recruiting

Employers have many options to consider when it comes to hiring employees for their organization. They can manage the hiring process internally through their HR department or work with an outside staffing firm. They can hire full-time workers, part-time workers, contract workers or temporary workers. The more options an employer uses, the more flexibility they […]