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New Benefits Package

Big news!  A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists rolls out a new benefits package full of goodies for temporary and contract employees.

We have always believed in treating employees with respect and appreciation.  Temporary and contract employees deserve to be valued just as much as regular employees.  So,

We will provide all full-time employees working on temporary and contract jobs a benefits package that mirrors what regular (direct hire/permanent) employees enjoy!

This rollout is special to A. R. Mazzotta because we have long wanted to establish a benefits package that treats everyone as a regular employee.  We are thankful for and appreciate the excellent work employees do and are proud to implement a benefits package that shows employees they are respected and valued.

Some employees work on temporary assignments until our client company hires them.  Others choose the vital role of long-term contract jobs. Yet others prefer to work on a variety of temporary and contract positions and make it their career.  Throughout the employee’s tenure with A.R. Mazzotta, the new benefits package offers increased Paid Time Off (PTO), starting at three months, the traditional probationary period.

Already known in the staffing industry for first-class service, our enhanced benefits package adds to our reputation as a trusted resource for quality hires, solid partnerships, and responsive service.  A.R. Mazzotta remains committed to the employees who work important temporary and contract jobs in Connecticut.

It is a big step and a positive change.  Most staffing agencies do not offer a traditional benefits package, and we think that should change.  A.R. Mazzotta is excited and proud to be at the forefront of this key initiative.  We hope that other staffing agencies in Connecticut will follow suit.

Here is our exciting new benefits package:

      • Paid Holidays
          • New Year’s Day
          • Memorial Day
          • Independence Day
          • Labor Day
          • Thanksgiving Day
          • Christmas Day
      • Paid Time Off with flexible use from 1-hour increments to full days (vacation, personal, or other time off of employee’s choice )
          • 3 months – 1 day
          • 6 months – 1 day
          • 9 months – 1 day
          • 1 year – 5 days
          • 2 years – 10 days
      • AAA Membership & Discount
      • Health Insurance – 3 types of quality Health Insurance plan choices
      • Dental plan option
      • Vision plan option
      • Employee Services – reach a live person by phone or text
      • Direct deposit and electronic paystubs
      • Monthly Newsletter