CBIA and CONNSTEP Announce Formal Partnership

| A.R. Mazzotta


Two top Connecticut business groups recently announced they are joining forces to better support the state’s burgeoning manufacturing sector. On June 6, the CT Business & Industry Association (CBIA), the state’s largest business organization, and CONNSTEP, a leading CT business consulting firm, said they will create a formal partnership under one roof to better serve […]

Should Your Small Business Use a CT Staffing Agency?

| A.R. Mazzotta

CT staffing agency - A. R. Mazzotta meeting

Staffing agencies are playing a bigger role in providing employment services to small and mid-size companies. Why? Because they can deliver better job candidates while saving a company valuable time and money when it comes to hiring their workforce. Small businesses certainly can have their pick of staffing agencies. There are many out there – […]

7 Cool Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

| A.R. Mazzotta

employee appreciation - "Bravo"

  Did you totally miss Employee Appreciation Day 2018? Yep, it was March 2nd. If you forgot all about it, don’t sweat it. Because if you’re a standout employer that values its workers (and have the low turnover to prove it) then there’s a good chance you’re showing your appreciation on a more frequent basis […]

5 Tips for Writing Your Best Cover Letter Ever

| A.R. Mazzotta HR and Management Tips

5 Tips for writing your best cover letter ever

For all the 2018 job seekers out there, cover letters are still an important piece of the submission process when applying for a new job. So, unless you’re told not to include a cover letter with your resume, you should include one – and make sure it stands out from the crowd. Here are 5 […]

Facing a Candidate Skill Shortage? Here Are Your Best Options

| A.R. Mazzotta

candidate skill shortage

It’s safe to say that our current employment market is facing a candidate skill shortage – whether it be in technology, health care, manufacturing or another field. For job seekers who have the skills that companies are looking for, the current state of things works in your favor. For employers, it does not. Here are […]

A.R. Mazzotta Year in Review

| A.R. Mazzotta

A.R. Mazzotta

Wow! Is it almost time for 2018 already? It sounds a bit cliché, but every year seems to fly by quicker than the last. As we look back on 2017, it was another great year for A.R. Mazzotta. Our company is honored to work with so many great CT employers and job candidates, and we […]

7 Jobs to Pursue if You’re Bilingual

| A.R. Mazzotta

jobs to pursue if you're bilingual

  Being fluent in more than one language can be a great thing. It opens your eyes to new cultures and gives you greater appreciation for the world around you. It can also make you a very attractive job candidate, especially for certain positions. Here are some of the top jobs to pursue if you’re […]

Less Conflict, More Productivity!

| A.R. Mazzotta HR and Management Tips

Virtual Teams - Businessman experiencing virtual reality in file storage room at workplace

By Cynthia Clay   Is there more or less conflict when teams work virtually? You might think that once you work from home (or a remote office), there are fewer people to get on your nerves and therefore your work environment will be more peaceful and conflict-free. The reality is that conflict may be hidden […]

7 Ways to Give a New Employee a Warm Welcome

| A.R. Mazzotta

Ways to Give a New Employee a Warm Welcome

One of the best ways for employers to retain their employees is to make sure they always have a sense of connection to the company’s mission and workplace culture. That connection is what sets your employees up for long-term success. And it should start on their first day of employment. Here are 7 ways to […]