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The Top In-Demand Jobs in CT and the Skills You Need to Succeed

Whether you’re considering a career change or are preparing to take your first steps into the workforce in CT, knowing which types of professionals are actively sought by employers in the state works in your favor. Specific jobs are highly in-demand, so if you have the skills to manage the duties, you’re well on your way to an exciting career. If you’re ready for a new position, here’s a look at the top in-demand jobs in CT and the skills you need to succeed.

Machine Operators

Machine operators are professionals that work in production facilities and run specific types of mechanical equipment. Additionally, they may assist with machinery setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting, depending on the nature of the role.

Usually, some experience with machine operation is required, either through on-the-job experience or formal training. Additionally, mathematics skills and the ability to read blueprints or schematics are commonly a must, along with the ability to do some lifting. Familiarity with hand tools is also critical, as well as general mechanical aptitude. Reliability and attention to detail are also crucial for these roles.

Administrative Assistants

In CT, administrative assistants are in high demand. These professionals assist company leaders and departments with a range of administrative needs, as well as offer support to customers who contact the business.

Typically, the required skills are straightforward. Familiarity with computers and key applications – particularly productivity software – is usually a must, while experience with multiline phone systems is helpful. Excellent communication and organizational skills are essential in most cases, as well as a general familiarity with office equipment.

Accounting Professionals

Accounting professionals at every career level are in demand in CT. Typically, these jobs require an accounting degree, ensuring you have the right foundational knowledge and skills. Experience with common accounting software, such as QuickBooks, is essential, as well as general office experience and related capabilities.

Most accounting positions are highly independent, and you’d spend the majority of your day reviewing and updating records, creating reports, processing payments, generating invoices, and similar tasks. In some cases, administrative or reception duties are also part of the job, as well as the need to provide general office support when necessary.


The demand for engineers in CT is continuing to grow, creating ample opportunities for candidates with a degree in engineering and experience in the field. The exact requirements vary depending on the type of engineering involved, but strong mathematics skills and attention to detail are broadly considered musts. Similarly, the ability to work both independently and as part of a team is essential, as these roles can include both. A desire to learn, grow, and remain on top of new technologies and trends are also crucial for success.

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