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How Well Do You Know Your Recruitment Lingo?

recruitment lingoIf you’re part of the recruiting world – whether as a recruiter, candidate or employer using recruiting services – there is plenty of industry terminology that is helpful to know. So, let’s get to it – how well do you know your recruitment lingo? Here’s a list of some of the most common terms and their definitions.

Active Candidate – a job candidate who is actively looking for a new job by using a staffing agency, job boards, etc.

Applicant Pool – a group of candidates that have applied for a job position. Could also be referred to as talent pool or candidate pool.

Contingent Workforce – workers who are hired on an as-needed basis. They are not permanent, full-time employees. Examples include contract workers or temp workers.

Direct Hire – a candidate who is placed at an employer via a staffing agency, but the individual is placed on the employer’s payroll.

Onboarding – the process that a new employee goes through after he starts a new job. It goes beyond basic job skills training and introduces a new employee to various HR policies, company culture and values.

Passive Candidate – a job candidate who isn’t actively looking for a new job but would consider a new position if they were contacted with a great opportunity.

Pre-Screening – an interview process between the staffing agency and job prospect that helps narrow down the candidate list to those who are most qualified.

Soft Skills – the intangible skills that employers look for in good job candidates – like work ethic, dependability, positive attitude and self-motivation. On the opposite spectrum are the more measurable “hard skills” – computer proficiency, typing, language, operating machinery, etc.

Staffing Service Groups – a group of recruiting specialists at a staffing agency who have expert knowledge of a niche market. For example, A.R. Mazzotta’s team is comprised of an Industrial Group and Professional/Office Group. The specialists on these teams understand what it takes to successfully hire talent in their specific industries.

Staffing Agency – an outside organization that places qualified candidates into job positions for employers. Could also be referred to as a recruitment agency or staffing firm. 

Talent Acquisition – the long-term strategy of attracting and hiring the best talent for an organization.

At A.R. Mazzotta, we know our recruitment lingo inside and out! Call us today or contact us online to learn more about our team and the expert staffing services we offer.