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7 Cool Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

employee appreciation


Did you totally miss Employee Appreciation Day 2018? Yep, it was March 2nd.

If you forgot all about it, don’t sweat it. Because if you’re a standout employer that values its workers (and have the low turnover to prove it) then there’s a good chance you’re showing your appreciation on a more frequent basis than one day a year.

Even A+ employers can run out of creative ways to show their staff how much they regard their hard work and dedication. Here’s a quick list of 7 cool ways that you can show employee appreciation.

Surprise employees with some fun office decorations and props. Hang balloons and streamers, have a table filled with hats and photo booth props, get some flower or fruit centerpieces, put out a candy buffet. Tell them it’s a celebration for all the epic work they do.

2-Spa Day
Who doesn’t like to get pampered? Spoil your team with onsite wellness activities. Offer free massages or a yoga class. For those employees who might not want to partake in onsite activities, have a raffle to give away prizes to a local spa or fitness center.

3-Appreciation Luncheon
Plan for a monthly or quarterly luncheon, onsite or offsite. Let the employees vote on where to go or what to chow down on. Food trucks are popular these days, with many employers bringing them onsite for lunch or an afternoon break.

4-Work Retreat
Coordinate a work retreat that combines team-building, learning and of course some R&R. Some potential venue ideas – a popular local resort or lodge, winery, historic mansion with corporate meeting space, or a bustling downtown convention spot. Here are some popular retreat venues in Connecticut.

5-Personal Interest Gifts
Show employees that you appreciate them in a personal way. Give them a reward that reflects a hobby or interest that’s near and dear to the hearts.

6-Charitable Donation
Make donations to the employees’ charities of choice. Or, set up a charity donation matching program. For every dollar that employees donate to charity, the employer will match it. If budget constraints are a problem, give employees time off for volunteer work.

7-A Simple Thank You
Saying thank you to employees will never go out of style – whether it’s through a hand-written note or a pat on the back in the hallway. It’s a simple, meaningful gesture that costs nothing to do – and it can mean a lot to someone and help get them through their day.

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