5 Reasons Why a Good Onboarding Process Matters

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onboarding process

New hires are better positioned for happiness and long-term success with their employer when they’re given the appropriate learning tools. And one of the best tools to make that happen is an effective onboarding process. Here are 5 reasons why having a great onboarding process for new hires is so important. Onboarding strengthens the company […]

July Jobs Report for CT

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july jobs report for CT

  July jobs numbers from the Connecticut Department of Labor were released last Thursday, August 16. While the state lost jobs last month, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.4%. Below are highlights from the July jobs report for CT, from the labor department’s Office of Research: Job Loss  Connecticut lost 1,200 jobs in the […]

5 Steps to Producing More Women Leaders

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more women leaders

Through the decades there have been countless articles and discussions touting the benefits that more women leaders can bring to the table in the world of business. There are also lots of studies confirming these benefits. One such study was conducted back in 2016 by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and accounting firm EY. […]

3 Steps to Hiring Top Administrative Talent in CT

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If you think the main responsibilities of an administrative professional are to answer the phone and make sure the coffee pot is always filled, you better keep reading. The role of today’s administrative professional is vastly different than it used to be. Our team here at A.R. Mazzotta is often called upon to recruit talented […]

3 Reasons Why Age Diversity in the Workplace is Important

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  Workplace diversity is a hot industry topic these days, but much of the discussion tends to focus on adding diversity through gender and ethnicity. While this type of workplace diversification is extremely important, age diversity is another equally important piece of the story. Leveraging the Value of an Age-Diverse Workforce, an executive briefing from […]

7 Common Hiring Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

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common hiring mistakes - get over the hurdle

Hiring a new employee for your organization requires careful planning and a proven process, even if the situation warrants urgency. Which it often does. Whether it’s an emergency or not, rushing to hire someone just so you can quickly fill a vacant position is a big mistake. In fact, there are lots of hiring mistakes […]

7 Summer Perks for Employees

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summer perks for employees - I love summer

Although it’s not officially summer, we’ve already celebrated the symbolic start of it —Memorial Day! It can be a challenge to keep employees focused and upbeat when the work days turn warm and co-workers start to embark on their vacations. Some employees mentally check out before they physically check out at the end of the […]