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Can A Direct Hire Recruiter Help Your Connecticut Company Save Money

The hiring process has drastically changed over the last ten years. It’s become extremely intensive, costly, and over-convoluted. Yet in order for your Connecticut business to grow, you need to bring on new talent. This can feel like one of the most daunting tasks when running a business, which is why many companies end up hiring employees that are not a good fit. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can cost you hundreds. Luckily, you’re not stuck in this vicious cycle. Instead, you can work with a direct hire recruiter in Connecticut to find top talent.

We understand that many companies can be hesitant to outsource hiring. You may be concerned that they won’t deliver the desired results and may be costly. But this is the furthest thing from the truth. The best recruiting firms in Connecticut not only produce great results, but they can also help save you money too. Still unsure if it’s the right fit for your business? We’re rounding up five ways a strong direct hire recruiter can help make your life easier without hurting your wallet.

How Does Direct Hire Staffing Work?

Before we dive into how recruiting firms can help you save money, we wanted to break down the difference between a direct hire and temporary hire. When you think of hiring a staffing agency, you’re likely envisioning a firm that helps you temporarily fill a role caused by an illness, maternity leave, etc. However, most recruiting firms are looking to fill permanent positions with candidates that are in it for the long haul.

How? Our recruiters spend countless hours studying a variety of industries, learning everything there is to know. They also spend years building up their network, so it’s chock-full of high-quality, talented professionals looking for work. Once hired, we help match you with this network, so you can fill roles as needed, which ends up saving you money!

Here are 6 Ways Recruiting Firms in Connecticut Can Save You Money

You Don’t Have To Play For Job Ads

In a world full of available jobs, getting yours in front of the right eyes can feel nearly impossible. That’s why many companies opt to pay for job ads online. If you’ve ever done this or looked into it, you understand just how expensive it can be. The ad only lasts a specific length of time, and if you haven’t found the right candidate before it expires, you have to spend even more money to post it again. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right audience, even with a higher number of eyes on the posting. This is putting you out of money and wasting your time.

On the other hand, recruiters always have ads posted (typically multiple at once) and can spot candidates better suited for the role, so you’re not wasting time sorting through resumes. Having someone to organize multiple of these well-put-together ads increases your chances that a suitable candidate will apply and reduces the risks of finding under qualified applicants.

Direct Hire Recruiters Reduce Vacancies

Although it may not be common knowledge, vacancy within a company can actually end up costing you quite a bit in the long run–especially if the role remains unfilled for quite some time. The longer the job is open, the more it’s going to cost. A recruiter’s job is to fill a role as quickly as possible.

Sure, you could do the hiring yourself. However, this lengthy process not only takes money out of your pocket but can also lead to losing a candidate that is perfect for the position to a competitor. Using a staffing agency helps fill those vacancies quicker without sacrificing the level of talent.

Direct Hire Recruiters Reduce Hiring Time

As we just mentioned, vacancies can be detrimental to your business. The longer a position is open, the harder your company’s current employees have to work to fill the gap. It means giving them work that is not necessarily within their job description, which can cause burnout. Unfortunately, this can be a slippery slope if not fixed. If they’re feeling as if they’re taking on too much, you could end up losing yet another employee and have another vacancy to fill.

Luckily, with a recruiter, you don’t have to worry about this. They help fill open positions quickly thanks to their expertise and years in the field. By shortening this process, recruiting firms are reducing the cost of low productivity.

Recruiting Firms in Connecticut Provide Top Quality Candidates

You should never have to settle for a poorly-qualified candidate just because you are trying to fill a role as quickly as possible. It may be tempting to pick someone you deem the best without taking the time to truly think through the decision. And we understand that you want to get someone onboarded, but hiring the wrong candidates can cost you more money down the line.

With a recruiting firm, this isn’t a concern. They have access to a much larger talent pool and can quickly identify the skills needed to perform well in a role. They take the time to build a relationship with the candidate so that they understand what their talents are along with what kind of work environment they’re looking for–just as they do for you when you first partner with them. They also spend time getting candidates familiar with the company’s existing culture, so they can find their footing and fit in faster.

When an employee is comfortable in a company and feels as if they’re appreciated, the chances of them going elsewhere are dramatically decreased. This means you’ll have the role filled for years to come, leaving more money in your pocket.

Get Back Your Most Valuable Resource: Time

Although money–keeping and making–is most likely one of your top priorities, making the most of your time should also be high on your list. You know how they say that time is money? Well, it’s true. And maximizing your time allows you to focus on other, more important tasks within your business.

To ensure that this is possible while still hiring, delegate duties to a recruiting firm. It will allow you and your employees to focus on your day-to-day tasks that keep the company running, which will boost your company’s morale and potential profits.

Avoid Common Hiring Mistakes

As you can see, the biggest theme in hiring recruiters is the idea that they save you time and money. And this continues by ensuring that you avoid making common hiring mistakes. Recruiters know the ins and outs of the job market, shortages, and what is needed when it’s time to onboard a new employee.

They help with any assessments that you may require candidates to take, keep the communication going with candidates before, during, and after the interview process, choose a worthy salary based on the current market, handle benefits such as health insurance, and take care of payroll taxes.

Partner with Direct Hire Recruiters in Connecticut to Save Time and Money

Here at AR Mazzotta, we are passionate about helping your business grow and seeing you succeed by helping you find the right candidates. We’ve been serving Connecticut–Middletown, Wallingford, Thomaston, and Westbrook, to be exact–for over 50 years, placing over 1,000 candidates a year in a wide variety of industries. We take the time to get to know you, your industry, and your hiring goals to recommend exceptional candidates.

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