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Why You Should Prioritize Building Trust as a Manager

At the core of every strong relationship – be that personal or professional – is trust. Typically, managers assume that their employees inherently have confidence in them, partially because workers will rarely openly state otherwise.

However, making assumptions about trust is risky, particularly since it’s such a crucial part of the success equation. Instead, managers should proactively work to build it. If you’re wondering why trust-building needs to be a priority, here’s why.

Why You Should Prioritize Building Trust as a Manager

Forging trusting relationships between managers and employees is essential for several reasons. First, workers need to know that their boss has their best interests in mind, at least with respect to the company’s needs. Additionally, teams have to be able to rely on their managers to follow through on promises and serve as their advocates, a level of faith that’s impossible to offer if there are doubts about whether a manager is trustworthy.

Without trust, both employers and employees suffer. The quality of the culture and team dynamic decline, productivity falls, and job satisfaction sinks. Often, that leads to additional challenges, including diminished work quality, negativity, and higher turnover.

Comparatively, when the relationships involve mutual trust, teams typically flourish. Productivity rises, and morale improves since there’s a sense of security and support. Information flows freely, reducing the odds of miscommunications or unproductive uses of time. In turn, job satisfaction increases, leading to lower turnover and an improved employer brand.

How to Build Trust as a Manager

Building trust as a manager is often pretty simple. Two of the most critical components are transparent communication and follow-through. By openly discussing challenges and sharing information, employees feel well informed. Keeping your promises shows you’re accountable and dedicated, both of which reassure your team.

Consistency is another crucial part of the equation. When employees know how you’ll act and respond in specific situations, you come across as a dependable leader. By clearly articulating your values and expectations, you further cement the idea of consistency, ensuring team members aren’t caught off guard by your decisions, priorities, or actions.

One point that may catch managers by surprise is that admitting your mistakes can also build trust. It shows you’re willing to be accountable for your missteps. Plus, it’s a chance to demonstrate how you’re working to learn from the experience, which is reassuring.

Finally, advocacy is vital. Employees need to know that their manager has their backs and will stand up for them. Fear of being thrown under the bus is damaging. By showing you’re willing to remove obstacles, articulate your needs to company higher-ups, and otherwise fight for them when the need arises, you’re creating a more secure environment, leading to greater trust.

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