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CEOs Report Poor Recruiting a Threat to Growth in 2023

With the new year on the horizon, company leaders are examining their strategies to ensure ongoing growth. While product and service development are typically critical parts of the equation, the biggest threat to success is currently poor recruitment.

Today, labor shortages and skill gaps are pervasive. Couple that with the challenges caused by inflation, a potential upcoming recession, and shifting candidate sentiment, and companies may struggle to continuously right-size their workforce in 2023.

Ultimately, many CEOs are already sounding the alarm. If you’re wondering why they believe poor recruiting is the leading threat to growth in the upcoming year, here’s what you need to know.

Why Poor Recruiting Is a Threat to Growth in 2023

Overall, 24 percent of CEOs state that talent acquisition challenges are the primary issue holding their companies back, outpacing difficulties relating to sales, marketing, execution, and finances by a significant margin. Additionally, 77 percent of CEOs feel that recruiting and retention are critical for ongoing growth.

Being shorthanded wreaks havoc on productivity. Plus, it increases worker stress, hinders the ability to pursue new innovations, and can accelerate turnover. Considering that 50 percent of companies failed to hit their hiring goals in 2022 and 60 percent are experiencing longer times to hire, many organizations are already fighting an uphill battle. Couple that with the fact that 46 percent of new hires fail within the first 18 months, and the situation is even direr.

Fortunately, many of these struggles are addressable. Shortening hiring processes to expedite hiring, streamlining applications to reduce abandonment rates, and focusing on culture fit and potential make a difference. Being open about hiring procedures and disclosing salary details can also boost candidate engagement and increase the odds that a job seeker will accept an offer when one’s made. Cultivating a thorough onboarding process also matters, ensuring new hires are set up for success.

However, it’s crucial not to sacrifice fit for speed. As a result, many companies can benefit from partnering with a recruitment agency that can shorten their time-to-hire and increase new hire quality while boosting the employer brand and candidate experience.

How A.R. Mazzotta Can Support Your Recruitment Goals

Ultimately, effective recruiting is essential for ongoing growth in 2023. By partnering with A.R. Mazzotta – a leading staffing agency – you can reach your hiring goals with greater ease.

At A.R. Mazzotta, our team uses a comprehensive, robust process to attract and vet candidates for a wide range of positions. Additionally, our recruiters focus on candidate engagement, relying on personalized communication and ongoing support to ensure active and passive job seekers remain accessible to our clients.

Finally, A.R. Mazzotta understands that there’s more to a right-fit candidate than technical expertise. That’s why our recruiters also consider culture fit, allowing us to identify top talent that will mesh with your workplace.

If you want to support your company’s ongoing growth through smart recruitment and hiring, A.R. Mazzotta can meet that need. Additionally, whether you require temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent employees, A.R. Mazzotta has customizable, affordable solutions for any type of vacancy. Request an employee from A.R. Mazzotta today.