How to Make an Unforgettable First Impression

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If you’re a job seeker, there are many opportunities to make a first impression with each potential employer you connect with. Resumes, phone calls, emails, interviews. Every communication you share will leave an impression – good, bad, or ugly. Let’s look at the traditional face-to-face job interview. Actions most always speak louder than words, so […]

CT Manufacturing Jobs Outlook for 2015

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It’s a new year, and local economists have been hard at work the past few months figuring out what’s on the horizon for CT’s economy in 2015. Based on their reports, we can expect to see slight employment growth this year. Reports from the New England Economic Partnership and CT forecast manager Edward J. Deak […]

How to Stay Productive Through the Holidays

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The holidays are upon us, and it’s quite possible that visions of sugarplums (not that end-of-year report) are dancing in your head. So how can you stay focused and productive when there are more distractions than usual? Make a List. Check it Twice. If you have tasks and projects to complete before Dec 31 rolls […]

How Much Notice Should I Give My Employer?

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It’s bound to happen. You’re sick and need to call off work. You’d like some extended time off to care for a family member. You accepted a new job and want to give a letter of resignation to your current employer. Whatever the situation, there will come a time when you’ll need to give notice […]

Taking a Look at the New CT Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage is a hot button topic all across the country. Just two weeks ago, voters in four states and two California cities passed measures to increase their minimum wage. And in case you haven’t heard, Connecticut has been at the forefront of minimum wage news for several months. In March, the state’s General Assembly […]

Resume Writing Tips for Today’s Market

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It might seem hard to believe, but hiring managers scan a resume for just 6 seconds before deciding whether or not the candidate will make the cut and be considered for the position. So what are managers looking at in those few precious seconds? According to a recent video from Business Insider the main areas […]

What Does Your Digital Footprint Look Like?

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Checking out employers and jobs online? Guess what: those same employers are checking you out online, too. Today’s hiring managers will Google you to find out where you’ve worked, whom you associate with and what you’re involved in. As a responsible job seeker, it’s up to you to control what an employer can find. The […]

Want a Direct Job? Transition From Temporary to Employee

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Looking for a permanent job? A temporary assignment through A.R. Mazzotta may be a great place to start. According to the American Staffing Association, temporary work is a viable path to direct employment. You can: Broaden Your Skill Base. Temporary employment is a great way to build your skills and advance your career quickly.  With […]