4 Tips for Motivating Seasonal Employees

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Summer is upon us, which means ‘tis the season for seasonal employees. Filling these slots on the roster is key to keeping up with summer business levels. Bottom line: you need seasonal workers. But the “seasonal” aspect to these positions, the fact that they are temporary rather than long-term positions, may initiate a ho-hum, less-than-motivated […]

Job News for 2021 Graduates

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There’s plenty of news on the job front for 2021 graduates about to embark on their careers. Some of it is good—great even—while some fall somewhere between not-so-good and very bad. The great: the job market’s hot as the country emerges from the pandemic. The not-so-good: the competition to snag jobs is fierce. The really […]

Highlight Your Best Qualities with the STAR Format

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The use of “behavioral interviews” has reached trending levels. This new way of conducting interviews provides key, evidence-based insights into what you, the potential employee, can bring to a company. The hallmark feature of this technique is the open-ended questions that will probe into your past work experiences. This approach leaves hiring managers and HR […]

5 Must-Ask Behavioral Interview Questions

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Every employer knows the goal of an interview is to uncover crucial details about the candidate—to discover the essential things about this person who might be spot on for your organization –or the furthest thing from a right fit. A job application can only reveal so much, and even a detailed resume won’t tell you […]

What Does an Administrative Assistant Do?

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When inquiring about the role of an administrative assistant, you may hear songs of praise that include phrases such as “the glue that holds the company together,” “couldn’t make it without him/her,” “MVP,” or other glowing terms of endearment. Why? Because a stellar administrative assistant can indeed be a dynamic force equivalent to a secret […]

4 Characteristics of Exceptional Call Center Reps

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It’s happened to every one of us. We reach a customer service representative whose professionalism, knowledge, and pleasant helpfulness masterfully handles every detail of our dilemma. The encounter is so satisfying that a warm glow presides over the rest of our day. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the flip side as well. As luck would have […]

The Ins and Outs of Reference Checks

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Are reference checks still relevant in 2021? While much has changed across the hiring landscape, following 2020’s landmark unemployment and the resulting shift to remote work, one element of the equation that has not changed is the importance of reference checks. Unfortunately, candidates are not always truthful on resumes. In fact, more than half of […]

3 Tips for Eliminating Bias in the Recruitment Process

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Hire the best and the brightest and slide them into right-fit positions. That’s the goal of every company, representing every industry across this great nation. But bias, both the conscious and the unconscious variety, can interfere with this goal. While human nature possesses a degree of unconscious bias, this culprit can be a definite hindrance […]

New Benefits Package

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Big news!  A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists rolls out a new benefits package full of goodies for temporary and contract employees. We have always believed in treating employees with respect and appreciation.  Temporary and contract employees deserve to be valued just as much as regular employees.  So, We will provide all full-time employees working on temporary […]

Is Warehouse Management for You?

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You’re considering a career in warehouse management. Fabulous. If logistics and supply chain movement and the ins and outs of warehouse traffic interest you, then a career in warehouse management may be right up your alley. While this sector had enjoyed a steady incline for the past decade, demand for warehouse space surged as e-commerce […]