How CT is Celebrating Manufacturing Day 2017

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manufacturing day

Manufacturing Day 2017 is slated for this week – October 6th. This annual event, also known as MFG DAY, is celebrated throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico and has gained much popularity since its inception in 2012. Here’s a quick snapshot of what MFG DAY is all about and what it offers to manufacturers, youth […]

A Look at the CBIA Survey of CT Businesses

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CBIA survey of CT business

Fresh off the presses! Here are the survey findings from the 2017 CBIA Survey of CT Businesses, sponsored by the Connecticut Business & Industry Association and BlumShapiro. This is the 16th year for the survey, which looks at various aspects of the CT business landscape including profitability, workforce trends, technology, and more. More than 400 […]

7 Ways to Foster Communication Within an Organization

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foster communication

Communication – or more often a lack of it – can be the root of many issues within an organization. On the surface, it seems like communication would be an easy thing to manage – especially considering the torrent of communication channels we have at our modern-day fingertips (text, email, video chat, social media…on and […]

How Workplace Meditation Can Help Employee Performance

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workplace meditation

If you asked an employer a few years ago if workplace meditation classes were offered to employees as part of their wellness program, the answer would likely have been no. But fast forward to 2017, and you’re likely to get a different answer. According to, the meditation and mindfulness industry took in close to […]

How Do We Close the Skills Gap?

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skills gap

The lack of a skilled workforce continues to be a big challenge for many industries in the U.S., including Connecticut. There are many factors contributing to this growing skills gap – the retirement of thousands of Baby Boomers every year; a decline in the teaching of technical skills in public schools; and the less-than-peachy perception […]

Why an Age Diverse Workplace Is Important

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Why an Age Diverse Workplace Is Important

By Valerie Grubb Everyone’s talking about workplace diversity today, and for good reason: when you expand the range of perspectives, experiences, and characteristics of your team, you also extend your reach toward innovation and overall excellence. But gender and ethnicity dominate many of the discussions about diversity—and companies need to start talking more about an […]

5 Top Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

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writing an effective job description

The path to hiring a great job candidate starts with a great job description. It’s by far one of the most critical elements of any hiring process – perhaps the most critical – and it lays the foundation for employee success within your organization. Keep these 5 tips in mind for writing effective job descriptions: […]

CT Women in Leadership

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CT women in leadership

The Connecticut Business Industry Association (CBIA) recently held their second-annual CT women in leadership conference. The When Women Lead event took place at Hartford’s Infinity Music Hall last month and drew more than 200 executives and entrepreneurs from all over CT. The half-day conference covered topics ranging from diversity and inclusion in the workplace to […]

Questions to Ask When Interviewing CT Administrative Assistants

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interviewing CT administrative assistants

From healthcare organizations and financial institutions to manufacturing facilities and executive offices, there are few industries in the world that can survive without the support of administrative assistants. Administrative professionals typically have a vast range of job responsibilities, and their contributions to the workplace are invaluable. There are certain qualities that a great administrative assistant […]