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Growth Opportunity – The Key to Attracting and Retaining Gen Z

Gen Z is becoming an increasingly critical part of the workforce. The oldest members of this generation have been working for several years, and younger members are joining the labor force every day. As with every generation, Gen Z has specific needs when it comes to employers. Often, growth opportunities are a critical part of the equation when the goal is to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

Growth opportunities can exist in many forms. If you’re looking for the key to attracting and retaining Gen Z talent, here are some growth opportunities to offer.

Stretch Assignments or Projects

Often, one of the simplest ways to provide growth opportunities to Gen Z employees is through stretch assignments or projects. This involves assigning them tasks that are just a smidge beyond their current capabilities and giving them enough time and resources to develop the new skill or acquire the needed knowledge.

Generally, the stretch assignments and projects approach are relatively informal. With this strategy, managers can seize opportunities to support employee growth when they arise, allowing it to be a bit more spontaneous and less structured. Essentially, the development ends up highly organic. Plus, it’s often incredibly relevant, as it focuses on growth opportunities that align strongly with their existing career.

Mentorship, Job Shadowing, and Cross-Training

For more instruction-oriented approaches that are still somewhat organic, options like mentorship, job shadowing, and cross-training work well. By developing a formal mentorship program, Gen Z employees can forge relationships with more experienced colleagues that work in their field. It’s a chance to get guidance from someone who’s been in their shoes. Plus, it can lead to skill-building opportunities.

Job shadowing is another excellent option, as it allows Gen Z workers to explore potential career paths that may work for them. They get to see what the work is like firsthand, which is very informative. Plus, they can find out about what the role is like from someone who’s in it, allowing them to determine if it’s a solid fit.

Defined Paths for Advancement with Formal Training

Often, the most formal approach to growth opportunities is to create defined paths for advancement and develop official training programs that allow employees to move forward with greater ease. Examine each position to see which jobs it can lead to in time. Then, identify the skills a worker needs to move from their current role to the next one in line.

With this approach, you can essentially present a proven strategy to Gen Z employees, which can provide a sense of security through transparency. Plus, it gives managers a roadmap for supporting growth, making the process easier for them, too.

Ultimately, providing growth opportunities to Gen Z employees is essential for recruitment and retention, and it’s often far easier than you’d expect.

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