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What Are Gen Z Job Seekers Looking for in a Workplace?

In recent years, members of Generation Z began entering the workplace. While they have similar expectations of employers as Millennials, there are also a few key differences between these generations that companies need to acknowledge. Otherwise, employers may struggle to attract the young talent they require.

While competitive salaries are always a must, offering the right benefits is similarly essential. Here’s a look at what Gen Z job seekers want to find in a workplace.

Growth and Development

While most generations want opportunities to advance, Gen Z prioritizes these benefits above most others, including high salaries. Overall, Gen Z wants engaging, meaningful work. Boredom isn’t something they’ll tolerate, even if a position comes with a stellar pay.

Since that’s the case, employers need clear pathways for growth and development. Mentorship programs, training opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and access to seminars all create opportunities to boost engagement. The same goes for cross-training programs and projects that push them outside of their comfort zone. By integrating several of these options into the workplace, companies can meet this core need, making their workplaces more attractive to this generation.

Health and Wellness

Like Millennials, Gen Z puts stock in having access to health and wellness benefits. In some cases, this has only grown more important in the aftermath of the pandemic, as many young professionals saw the impact of companies falling short in this arena.

Often, an array of benefits is necessary to meet this need. First, there are foundational offerings, like sound medical insurance with mental health benefits included. Employee assistance programs (EAPs), access to coaches, and internal resource libraries also make a difference.

Adding in perks like flexible schedules and telecommuting options can help, too. Those promote better work-life balance by allowing employees to adjust their work lives when the need arises, ensuring they can remain productive while addressing personal needs.

Inclusive Cultures

While less of a benefit and more of an innate offering, inclusion is vital in the eyes of Gen Z. Overall, it’s a socially conscious generation, one that feels strongly that diversity alone isn’t enough. Instead, having a welcoming, supportive environment that respects and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness is crucial from their perspective, ensuring everyone can bring their whole selves to work without fear or discomfort.

Since that’s the case, companies need to cultivate an employer brand that does more than pay lip service to diversity and inclusion. Increasingly, it’s even necessary to take the next step, making an open and active commitment to equity.

Equity ensures fair access to opportunities within the workplace while respecting individual needs. It’s a fairly new formal addition to the diversity and inclusion equation, but one that’s proving nonetheless to be crucial if you want to attract younger professionals.

A full commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity shows the company goes the extra mile to create an environment that supports the various needs of its staff members. By doing so, companies will have a far easier time connecting with young talent, both today and into the future.

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