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Is Your Workplace Attractive To Generation Z? How Connecticut Employers Can Attract The Next Generation of Talent

Generation Z is reshaping the job market as we know it in Connecticut and across the country. This newest generation to enter the workforce is helping to lead innovation in every economic sector. Generally speaking, Gen Z candidates are capable, socially aware, and diverse. All of this lends a hand to the success of a company’s vision and goals.

Attracting top young talent is vital for a company’s success. Understanding how Gen Z candidates prefer to communicate, where they want to go in their career, and how you fit into their lives as an employer is key to attracting the best and brightest. However, piecing all of this together can challenge many employers. So, how can you attract Generation Z talent to your Connecticut-based business?

Understanding Generation Z In the Workplace

The number of Gen Z workers is expected to triple over the next ten years, making it essential for Connecticut employers and employers everywhere to know what these younger candidates are looking for from their next job.

Members of Gen Z were born between 1996 and 2010. They grew up in the aftermath of the recession in the 2000s. While many would assume that would make them somewhat apprehensive about job stability and less innovative in the workplace, it has been the exact opposite. In fact, many Gen Z workers choose their jobs based on their interest and passion for the work rather than other factors.

Offering a competitive salary and benefits package is still extremely important. However, Gen Z employees place more emphasis on finding a company whose values closely align with their own. They want to know their employer is committed to a bigger purpose, whether environmentally, socially, or in another way. This means employers have to commit to broader causes beyond the scope of their business.

Generation Z vs. Millennials

Gen Z and Millennials are often lumped together, but they are not the same. Millennials were born between 1980-1995. Where Gen Z applicants are more socially responsible and tend to identify by the pop-culture term “woke,” Millennials tend to look for flexibility in the workplace, and they are typically goal-oriented. The way the generations communicate tends to be different, as well.

Gen Z folks have always had the internet at their fingertips. As a result, they know how to communicate effectively through various online platforms. Candidates from this generation prefer to communicate via text, video chat, and social media. They also favor Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube over other platforms.

The way Millennials communicate looks a bit different. They generally want to chat via email, text, or social media. Millennials favor Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over other platforms. Hiring managers can use insights like this to reach Gen Z candidates and Millennial candidates.

What Does Generation Z Want From Employers in Connecticut?

Now that you know the difference between millennials and Gen Z, you probably wonder what Gen Z candidates want from employers in Connecticut. It goes deeper than simply being socially responsible or providing additional value to their work. Gen Z and workplace culture go hand in hand. It means that every aspect of communication, from recruiting to onboarding and beyond, should be catered to them.

Gen Z individuals are digital natives. They grew up having access to the internet; they are realistic and more apt to communicate through text, social media, or similar means. Because of this, they want direct communication. Gen Z employees also want to know what is expected of them. Clear expectations and transparency in the workplace help instill trust, which ultimately improves productivity and other aspects of the workplace.

Another thing Gen Z prioritizes is work-life balance and well-being. If you can provide perks and benefits that help them achieve personal goals, brand reputation is less important. However, employers have to work to gain their trust. They are skeptical of leadership and employers in general. Ideally, Gen Z workers seek a transparent employer, who communicates efficiently on digital platforms, offers flexibility, and utilizes up-to-date technology during daily tasks.

Recruiting Tips To Attract Gen Z Talent In Connecticut

The various ways employers can connect with Gen Z talent are plentiful. As they are graduating from college, it is good to set up a public company profile on social media. Introduce some of the key players on your team. Give potential applicants a look into what a day in the life of one of your employees looks like. Connecting online before meeting in person makes it easier for Gen Z candidates to approach you.

Employers may also consider recruiting new hires through diversity and inclusion initiatives on college campuses. The Gen Z talent in these groups will help improve diversity within your organization, which can help improve productivity and more.

Don’t forget that Gen Z applicants are open to new opportunities. In many cases, Gen Z candidates are willing to relocate for a new job if the position would be fulfilling, help further their career, or improve their personal lives.

How Can Connecticut Employers Attract Gen Z?

You’ve got the knowledge you need about Gen Z talent to create a workplace where they’ll thrive, but how do you get their attention in the first place? For employers, there is a laundry list of things to think about if you want to bring in younger talent. Consider the following if you’re going to attract Gen Z candidates in Connecticut and nationwide.

  • Think about the future of your industry. What is the reputation of your company? How can you make working with your company more appealing?
  • Offer as much flexibility as you can. Younger candidates want an employer that values them beyond what they do in the workplace. That means giving them paid time off, mental health days, remote work when possible, and other flex scheduling. Consider how your company can do that.
  • Examine your benefits package. Are you providing mental health and wellness benefits? Do your employees have PTO? If not, your chances of attracting Gen Z talent are slim.
  • Take a look at your company culture and consider how you can make it more personal. Despite being tech-focused, Gen Z applicants crave personal connections and one-on-one interaction in the workplace.
  • Look for ways to contribute to the community and humanity at large. Gen Z candidates have been leaving their jobs looking for positions that better align with their values.
  • Align your values. Because Gen Z talent focuses on values in the workplace, consider offering volunteer time off or scheduling a volunteer event. It can help them feel like they are making a difference through their work with your organization.
  • Go digital-first. Tap into social media and digital resources to recruit younger applicants.
  • Rethink your education requirements. While Gen Z is looking to educate themselves and grow in their careers, they are concerned about debt. As a result, many of them pursue certificates and alternative education methods.
  • Provide room for growth and advancement. For example, offer your employees the option to continue their training, get certified, etc.

These are just a few suggestions about what employers can begin to do to start attracting more Gen Z talent. Thankfully, professional help is available to get you the results you desire. Working with an expert staffing firm in Connecticut can help you implement many of the points above and more.

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