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4 Reasons to Consider Direct Hire Recruiting vs. Temp-to-Hire

direct hire benefitsEmployers that have experience working with a staffing firm know that most provide a range of hiring solutions. There are temporary/contract staffing services, temp-to-hire services and direct hire recruiting services. Each staffing solution has its advantages, but sometimes one hiring option can be better than another.

For example, depending on the job market, an employer might want to consider permanent/direct hire recruiting over temp-to-hire. Here are 4 permanent hire benefits to think about:

Reason #1: There Is a Bigger Candidate Pool

Direct hire recruiting allows recruiters to draw from a passive candidate pool, which is especially important during times of low employment like we’re currently facing. Passive candidates already have a job and aren’t actively looking for new employment. But a passive candidate is open to hearing about new opportunities from recruiters. That means a direct hire recruiter can immediately tap into their large network of qualified candidates when filling permanent hire positions for their clients.

Reason #2: You Get a Hiring Guarantee

Most recruiting firms will offer some type of guarantee on their direct hire placements. This protects the employer if the new hire ends up not being a good fit. At A.R. Mazzotta, our direct hires are guaranteed with a 6-month replacement agreement that gives 100% protection for the first 90 days. This is a great permanent hire benefit to remember!

Reason #3: Employee Retention is Stronger

Direct hire recruiting from an experienced, reputable staffing firm is carefully designed to ensure stronger employee retention. This gives confidence to both the employer and the new hire. The process should include one-on-one meetings between the employer and staffing firm, which lays the groundwork for a solid understanding of work culture, values, and staffing needs. Custom searches using top industry recruiting tools and comprehensive candidate databases allow a staffing firm to select the most qualified candidates. And rigorous candidate screenings that include in-person interviews, reference checks, and skill/behavior assessments ensure the direct hire is the right hire. The final outcome is a strong employer-employee relationship and better employee retention.

Reason #4: It’s a Time Saver

A candidate will typically accept a permanent hire position faster than they will accept a temp-to-hire position. This saves the employer time and gives them a faster hire who is ready to jump in and learn the ropes. A direct hire also goes directly on the employer payroll and the employee can start receiving benefits sooner than they would in a temp-to-hire position.

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