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5 Facts about Temp-to-Hire Job Services

temp-to-hire jobsIf you’re an employer and are new to the staffing agency scene, you may not fully understand the differences between the various types of employment services that are available from a staffing agency like A.R. Mazzotta. Do you want a direct hire? A contract worker? A temp worker? What about a temp-to-hire worker? We admit it – the terminology can get confusing at times, but we’re here to put you on the path to staffing clarity. For today, let’s dig into temp-to-hire jobs and look at 5 facts you need to know about our available services:

Fact 1:

Our temp-to-hire staffing solution allows you to evaluate a candidate’s job performance while the employee is on our payroll. Take the time you need to evaluate a temporary employee’s work ethic and cohesiveness with your team and make sure the employee is the best long-term fit for your company.

Fact 2:

A temp-to-hire staffing service offers flexibility. With temp-to-hire jobs, you have the flexibility to bring your temp worker on full-time if the situation warrants it. Say you have seasonal work that requires you to hire extra employees, but at the end of the busy season, you still have a need to hire someone on a permanent basis. You’ll already have a trained pool of talent you can choose from.

Fact 3:

Temp-to-hire employees are subject to the same careful screening processes as all other temporary employees and candidates. We can also conduct pre-employment screenings and background checks to fulfill company policies.

Fact 4:

A.R. Mazzotta’s temp-to-hire program is the perfect solution for several different employment scenarios. It’s ideal for when you want to permanently hire your A.R. Mazzotta temporary employee, look for a temporary employee with direct hire potential, or evaluate a new employee on a temporary basis before placing him or her in a direct hire position.

Fact 5:

A temp-to-hire service can save you time and money. Using a staffing agency to place temporary workers at your business can deliver significant time and cost savings. And a staffing agency will help get workers placed and on the clock much more quickly than if you go it alone.

Ready to learn more about temp-to-hire job services or other employment service opportunities that A.R. Mazzotta has available? Connect with us today.

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