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10 Emerging Jobs for College Grads

emerging jobsAnother year, another round of college graduates who will soon be seeking employment.

The University of California San Diego Extension has released their annual list of the top 10 emerging jobs in the U.S. for college grads. Using employment projection data from labor-market data company Emsi, the short list was compiled by combining the highest projected growth rates and the most online job postings. The findings focus on jobs that require a bachelor’s degree and less than five years of work experience.

Here are the top 10 emerging jobs for college grads with highlights from the full report:

1 – Interpreters and Translators
The need for interpreters and translators will grow significantly as work continues to become more globalized. Opportunities exist in schools, hospitals, courtrooms and conferences.

Skill sets: native-language proficiency, active listening, speaking and reading comprehension 

2 – Operations Research Analysts
As competition rises and technology advances, more companies are looking to hire operations research analysts who use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help them cut costs and make all-around better decisions.

Skill sets: high-level math knowledge, compute skills, analytical thinking 

3 – Personal Financial Advisors
As the U.S. population ages, more people are looking for help from financial advisors who can help them wisely manage their dollars and plan for retirement. For those who are proficient in finance and enjoy helping others, this could be a great job.

Skill sets: financial acumen, strategic thinking, active listening, interpersonal skills and reading comprehension 

4 – Computer Systems Analyst
Growth in cloud computing, cybersecurity and mobile networks is making demand even higher for computer systems analysts. Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but some firms are hiring those with liberal arts or business degrees and programming skills.

Skill sets: computer programming, analytical thinking, complex problem solving 

5 – Software Developers
As technology continues to increasingly touch everything we do throughout the course of our day, developers are needed more now than ever. They’re creating solutions that address real-world issues.

Skill sets: complex problem solving, programming, systems analysis, judgment and decision making 

6 – Market Research Analysts/Marketing Specialists
For someone who is curious, analytical and has strong math and critical-thinking skills, the role of a marketing research analyst or marketing specialist could make a great fit. They help companies know what products and services their customers want, and how much they’ll pay.

Skill sets: reading comprehension, active listening, complex problem solving, critical thinking and decision making 

7 – Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors
In light of our country’s current opioid crisis, counselors have become extremely valuable in communities all around the country. They’re always needed to help individuals suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and other behavioral issues.

Skill sets: active listening, judgment, interpersonal skills, speaking and reading comprehension

8 – Information Security Analysts
These analysts design plans and programs that help protect everything from cyberattacks – email servers, bank accounts, medical records. As hackers become smarter and more prevalent, demand for analysts will rise.

Skill sets: critical thinking, reading comprehension, complex problem solving, speaking, active listening 

9 – Meeting, Convention & Event Planners
Planners do a great deal of traveling and carry a lot on their plate – securing venue locations, determining transportation logistics, creating event itineraries and planning out entertainment details.

Skill sets: active listening, high-level organization, interpersonal skills, judgment and decision making

10 – Management Analysts
Also known as management consultants, these individuals work with organizational leaders to assess and help improve many aspects of a company’s operations. People in this role may be directly employed by a company or be hired as an independent consultant.

Skill sets: active listening, reading comprehension, speaking, critical thinking, complex problem solving.

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