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3 Ways to Boost Your Summer Job Search

job searcherThe lazy days of summer are here. Some folks say it’s not a good time of year for job searching. But the summer months can actually be a great time to prepare for and even find employment. So while other job seekers are lounging back, pick up the pace of your summer job search. Here’s how.

#1 – Get Social

There’s no better time to get out and network than during the summer months. Professional groups and associations will typically host outdoor events that boast a more casual, fun atmosphere, which can make it easier to mingle with the attendees and learn about potential job opportunities. And because summer functions can have lower attendance, you get more one-on-one time with the important decision-makers who are in attendance.

Summer is also a great time to research local organizations and clubs that you’d like to join in the coming months. So if your summer schedule doesn’t allow you to attend July or August functions, at least do some research now so you’re ready to roll with some new networking opportunities after Labor Day.

#2 – Polish Up

Take time to update your resume and fine-tune some of those work skills you’ve been meaning to sharpen. Because the pace does tend to slow down in the summer, there’s opportunity to catch up on the tasks that often get put on the back burner when things are busier. Once the hiring scene is back on full throttle after Labor Day, you’ll already be ahead of the game.

#3 – Consider Temp-to-Hire work

Explore contract or temp-to-hire work opportunities. Some companies will often hire contract workers during the dog days of summer when their employees are more likely to take a sabbatical or extended vacation. These kinds of opportunities often lead to permanent employment, so don’t discount them.

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