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Why You Need to Invest in Your Employees

Cut-out figures standing together over a blue backgroundInvesting in your employees is an important thing for any company to do. But surprisingly, some companies don’t have that mindset – especially when the job market is weak and employers think their workers don’t have other job opportunities to pursue.

In doing some research for this post, our team came across a great Twitter video chat on the Hiring Site blog, hosted by CareerBuilder. The video features HR experts discussing how and why companies should invest in their employees.

Watch the video here (it’s 30 minutes long, but entertaining and informative). Or read on for a recap of some highlights:

Why invest in employees if they’re only going to quit eventually?
The reality is that employees WON’T leave your company if you take care of them and treat them well. For a company to grow and thrive, their employees must do the same. And investing in them will help them grow and be productive, successful employees.

What about contingent workers?
It’s important to invest in all employees, regardless of their employment status – salaried, hourly, independent consultants or temporary contract workers. The contingent workforce has become a bigger part of the employment landscape, and employees who fall under this category should never be treated like “throwaway talent.”

So how should we invest in our employees?
There are lots of ways. Invest in training, travel, and technology that will help them do their job better and more efficiently. If budgets don’t allow for paid training and travel, let employees carve time out of their work day to learn through free webinars, podcasts or online courses. Another way to invest in your workforce is by establishing a strong company culture that employees can enthusiastically embrace (more on that here).

How else can companies invest in their employees? Share below.