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How To Retain Top Talent

It’s no secret that having a strong circle of talent in place can make or break the success of an organization. And as the economy improves and employees’ eyes are open to more job opportunities, you’ll need to take greater strides to recruit and retain the best talent. Here’s how: ????????????????????????????????????????

Build a Strong Company Culture
Create a company culture that resonates with your workforce. Some of today’s most successful companies work hard at building a culture that their employees embrace – with the end result being a staff that’s more engaged and more likely to stick around for the long haul.

According to a 2014 survey from Glassdoor, companies like Google, Apple, Disney, and Southwest Airlines get high marks from their employees for having strong company cultures and values. And you don’t have to be a big player like these guys to find and keep top talent. Commitment to open communication, trust, workplace flexibility, and a little bit o’ fun goes a long way in building a culture that attracts the best of the best. 

Reward Good Work
Acknowledging the stellar actions of your top employees is important. Everyone needs to feel the love now and then. If you can recognize achievements via a bonus or a pay raise, do it. But it’s certainly not the only way – good work can be recognized with extra time off, a monthly/quarterly lunch or some other kind of celebration, or just a personal note of thanks. 

Pave the Road with Opportunities
Build paths for opportunity and advancement. If a top employee feels there’s no ‘next step’ to take within the organization, their chance for flight is greater. To keep your best employees loyal and invested in the company, make sure there’s room for them to grow and plenty of opportunity to take their passions and talents to the next level.

Integrating these practices into your organization is a win-win situation – your top employees remain engaged and satisfied with their job, and your organization reaps the benefit of retaining their talents.

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