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3 Tips for Reinventing Yourself at Any Age

Another year is almost over. Was it good to you? Are you happy with where things stand in your professional life, or would you like to see your career path take a new turn in 2015? If a career change sounds good to you, here are 3 tips for reinventing yourself and starting on a new professional path.An image of a road to the horizon with text new job

Tip #1: Don’t Jump to Soon

Don’t jump at the first new job opportunity that comes along. Take time to do your research and figure out which career move suits you best. Create a vision and decide what you want (and don’t want) out of a new career. Think about your personal interests and passions and how they might play into your next work role.

Tip #2: Network

Work your network! Talk to friends, family, business contacts and other people who work in different industries and professions. Let them know you’re ready to make a big career move, and seek out their advice and insights. If they have a job that sounds interesting, ask about the job skill requirements and what it takes to have a career in their industry.

Tip #3: Talk to an Employment Agency

If you’re ready for a change but are having a tough time figuring out next steps, talk to an employment services agency. Many agencies (like A.R. Mazzotta) offer skill and behavioral assessments that can help evaluate your skill level in various categories. A lot of agencies also offer temp or contract work, so you can test the waters of a new career before diving into a long-term commitment.

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