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Smart Reasons to Outsource Job Posting and Résumé Screening

Hiring the right employees is critical to building a successful business. 

But when I talk to hiring managers, nearly all of them tell me that they wish they could avoid the time, cost and distraction associated with posting jobs and screening résumés.  Many want to keep their hiring in-house, but do not have the time and resources required to carefully screen dozens, even hundreds, of résumés that come across their desks.

In response to the shifting needs of companies and economic cycles, A.R. Mazzotta is pleased to provide Job Posting/ Résumé Screening Services.  Why should you outsource these functions?

Access our state-of-the-art technology and recruiting expertise.  We post your job on the right job boards and search engines to yield maximum response from the right type of candidates for your available position.  Furthermore, our experts spend the time needed to carefully screen résumés, leverage years of diverse recruiting experience to identify candidates with the most potential.

Get the candidates you need, without the headaches.  A.R. Mazzotta will present a shortlist of only those individuals who are genuinely qualified for the position.

Save money.  Candidate recruiting and assessment are our specialties.  We leverage economies of scale to offer the highest quality services more cost-effectively than you could on your own.

Maintain focus on your most important activities.  Offload the time-consuming tasks of posting and screening, and gain back time to tackle your biggest priorities.

Our Job Posting and Résumé Screening Services give you the quality information you need to make the right hiring decision, quickly and confidently.  Contact A.R. Mazzotta today to learn more.