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The Key To Making The Most Out Of July In Thomaston, CT

Summer in Thomaston, CT, is a wonderful time, particularly if you make the most of what the town has to offer. There are ample opportunities for fun and recreation, as well as chances to explore historical sights and learn about the region. If you’re looking for things to do in Thomaston, CT, this July, here are some excellent options.

Visit Black Rock State Park

Nearby Black Rock State Park is an ideal option for all kinds of outdoor activities. Whether you want to go on an energizing hike, relax and enjoy a meal with your family during a picnic, or anything in between, you can do it here. Plus, no matter what activity you pick, you have plenty of opportunities to see local flora and fauna, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the area.

Take A Tour Of The Thomaston Opera House

The Thomaston Opera House is a historic theater with marvelous architecture and an intriguing history, all of which you can explore by taking a tour. Plus, the Landmark Community Theater regularly holds productions in the Thomaston Opera House, so consider grabbing some tickets and enjoying a show.

Explore The Exhibits At The Railroad Museum Of New England

Whether you love trains, adore history, or both, a trip to the Railroad Museum of New England is an excellent option. You can learn more about the region’s railroad heritage through a variety of educational exhibits. Plus, there are historical train rides available, as well as plenty of nearby options for dining.

Attend The Thomaston Summer Concert Series

The Thomaston Summer Concert Series is an excellent way to experience live music and explore a variety of food vendors, making it a real treat. The event happens every Monday night during July and kicks off at 7:00 pm. During the summer, a wide array of music genres are represented, so find bands that align with your taste and plan to attend.

Go Fishing

Summer is an excellent time for fishing in Connecticut. If you’re in the Thomaston, CT, area, both Nystrom’s Park and Scott’s Pond are favorites among locals, so give them a try.

Attend The Annual Thomaston Fire Department Carnival And Parade

The Annual Thomaston Fire Department Carnival and Parade are perfect for some family-friendly fun. You can enjoy the floats, try some rides, and have great food all in one trip.

Visit The Thomaston Farmers Market

For local produce and artisan goods, nothing beats a trip to the Thomaston Farmers Market. You can find it at Town Green on Main Street, so it’s very accessible.

Explore The Antique Shops And Boutiques On Main Street

Whether you’ve just finished up at the farmers market or prefer indoor shopping, exploring the local antique shops and boutiques is a great way to experience some of the best of what Thomaston has to offer.

Take A Scenic Drive On Route 8

If you enjoy hitting the road, take a scenic drive on Route 8 this July. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and create your own playlist before you start to ensure you have the perfect soundtrack.

Enjoy A Meal At One Of The Town’s Local Restaurants

Thomaston is home to many outstanding local restaurants, so consider skipping the chains and trying something different this July. The Black Rock Tavern & Restaurant and The Well are both local favorites, making them great places to start.

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