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12 Tips for Job Hunting While You’re Still Employed

Finding a new position while you’re working in a role comes with challenges. Fortunately, it’s possible to navigate the situation professionally and get results.

Here are 12 tips for job hunting while you’re still employed:

1. Keep Performing

Make sure you’re still exceeding expectations at your current job. Along with securing your reputation, that gives you access to better references when the time comes.

2. Remain Discreet

If word travels that you’re planning your exit, it can cost you access to engaging projects, promotions, or even your job. Since that’s the case, discretion is typically a must.

3. Update Your LinkedIn Profile Properly

As you prepare your LinkedIn profile for your job search, update your Visibility settings to ensure you’re not sharing profile updates with your network. Multiple changes in quick succession could clue others into your job search, so you want to prevent those notifications.

4. Don’t Use Company Resources

In most cases, using your employer’s resources for a job search is barred by company policy. Additionally, many organizations track employee activities, which could reveal your job search.

5. Schedule Interviews Correctly

Interviewing during the workday increases the odds that your search gets noticed, and it also inconveniences your current employer. Request after-hours interviews whenever possible, or use vacation days if that isn’t an option.

6. Be Cautious with Your Attire

If you have an interview close to your scheduled work shift, be wary of wearing interview attire while at your current workplace. Transitioning from business casual to a suit will get noticed, and many will assume you’re interviewing elsewhere. Instead, bring your interview outfit with you, and change in a discrete location as you’re heading to your interview.

7. Don’t Post on Social Media

Avoid making any posts on social media about your job search. That includes discussing your desire for a new job, venting about challenges, or anything else. By doing so, word is less likely to get back to your employer.

8. Speak Well of Your Employer

Badmouthing your current employer during your job search isn’t a wise move. It typically puts off hiring managers, and it leads to burned bridges, so focus on the positive whenever possible.

9. Request Confidentiality

As you engage with hiring managers, ask that your activities remain confidential. Most companies understand the need to keep your activities quiet to protect your current job, so they’ll usually oblige.

10. Choose References Carefully

When you select references, ensure they can speak to your abilities but will also keep your job search confidential. Avoid using your current manager or colleagues if they aren’t aware of your job search, and stick with references you’re comfortable informing.

11. Be Honest

If your current employer learns about your job search, don’t lie about what’s happening. Being honest reflects better on you, making it the preferred approach.

12. Connect with a Recruiter

Working with a recruitment agency doesn’t just give you access to more opportunities; it also provides you with ample support. Plus, your recruiter will maintain your confidentiality throughout the process.

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