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Hiring in the Manufacturing Industry? Here Are the Candidate Skills You Should Be Looking for in 2022

As a manufacturing employer, you’re probably looking forward to a time when supply chain issues and high turnover rates are a thing of the past. But as we continue through 2022, you’re probably still struggling with these obstacles – and that’s okay. When it comes time to evaluate your next job candidate for your manufacturing operation, there a few key skills you should be looking for.

Communication Skills

In any manufacturing setting, communication is essential. Almost every person on the floor works as part of a team in one way or another, and the ability to communicate among coworkers and supervisors clearly and effectively is paramount. Without it, mistakes happen. Not only does that affect production and revenue, but it can also be a safety issue as well. Be sure to evaluate candidates on their communication ability, or you’ll be left with a critical skills gap.

Leadership Ability

Even if you’re not hiring for a management position, looking for leadership ability in your candidates is a good idea. There’s always the possibility that a candidate will rise up in the ranks and take on a leadership role at a later time. Plus, leadership skills are useful even in unofficial capacities; every team needs a natural leader to provide direction and motivation. Ask about past leadership experience in the interview to get a sense of where a candidate stands with this skill set.

Critical Thinking

Ask candidates how they’ve addressed problems in the past, or how they’ve responded to difficult circumstances. This tells you a lot about candidates’ critical thinking skills. The best candidates are thinking several steps ahead, allowing them to predict problems before they arise and keep things running smoothly on the production floor.


Things can change at a moment’s notice in a manufacturing setting, whether it’s different specifications for a part or project, switching from one project to another abruptly, or bringing on specialists to help resolve issues. The best manufacturing candidates are highly adaptable and flexible. You don’t want to hire people who are easily fazed by last-minute changes – look for candidates who roll with the punches.

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