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What Can You Do to Decrease Turnover During “The Great Resignation?”

It’s safe to say that the pandemic changed the workforce landscape for good. People had months and months to think about what work really meant to them, and what was important. And those changes have fueled what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” or record numbers of people leaving their jobs post-pandemic.

For employers, The Great Resignation is a real problem. So, what can you do to reduce turnover during this difficult time?

Be flexible.

One thing that the pandemic brought to the forefront was the popularity of flexible work arrangements. Whether that means work-from-home arrangements, flexible start and end times, hybrid scheduling with some days worked remotely and some worked in-office, or other arrangements, employees don’t just want these perks. They demand them. If you’re not flexible with the way employees are allowed to work, expect to see higher turnover rates.

Keep in mind that flexibility isn’t just about working from home. Some employees found that remote work made them feel isolated and lonely, and they would prefer to return to the office. That’s why an all-or-nothing policy – either working 100% remote or 100% in-office – won’t work for many companies. Allowing employees to make the choice that suits them is the best approach.

Communicate with your employees.

If you never check in with your employees, how are you supposed to know what they’re feeling? Whether it’s through formal surveys sent to employees or just simple conversations at the watercooler, make sure your supervisory team is talking with your employees on a regular basis to find out what’s working and what’s not. Keeping up with the pulse of employee needs and opinions is the best way for companies to remain agile and responsive during a time when things seem to be constantly changing.

Promote employee development.

The Great Resignation means many employees are jumping ship for greener pastures. That’s why you need to provide them with a reason to stay. Employee development initiatives are more important now than ever. Create pathways for employee growth, whether it’s through on-site coursework, tuition help or reimbursement, cross-departmental training, or internal promotions.

Focus on culture.

Last but not least, remain laser-focused on your company culture and improving it at every step. Positive organizational culture and a sense of belonging is a great reason for many employees to stay – and a toxic culture is the quickest way to drive them away.

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