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3 Steps for Choosing Between Multiple Job Offers

Congratulations! You’ve landed an attractive job offer. But, wait. . . another offer just arrived, and it’s as appealing as the first one. Waves of elation ripple through you. How about that? Two incredible job offers.

But then reality begins to dampen the whitecaps of joy. Excitement dwindles, replaced with nagging questions. How do I decide? What criteria do I use? And the biggest question of all: what if I make the wrong decision? What will happen then?

And then, sighs of relief about job security begin to trickle between the troublesome questions even as a swell of confidence in your skills and qualifications fills your chest.

Having multiple job offers should be viewed as an opportunity rather than a problem, right? Yes, of course! Your hard work job hunting, prepping for interviews, and making a dynamite impression has paid off. And now, you have an important choice to make.

Let these tips guide your decision-making process.

1.  Gather the facts about both/all offers

An informed decision requires a comprehensive gathering of all the facts about the job offers. Scour the offer letter for details, seek additional info or further clarification from the hiring manager, and compile it all in an orderly fashion that will make for easy comparison on a chart containing elements such as—

  • Salary / Sign-on bonus
  • Work schedule
  • Overtime compensation and policies
  • Performance bonuses
  • Stock options / Retirement benefits
  • Profit-sharing
  • Paid time off / vacation time
  • Paid holidays
  • Personal days /Sick days
  • Family leave
  • Health / Vision / Dental Insurance
  • Life insurance

Underline the five items that dominate the top of your priority list, and then circle the one that offers the best option.

2. Consider short and long-term career goals

After examining compensation and benefits, it’s time to consider how each employment opportunity aligns with your career goals. Ask and answer these questions to uncover the advantages each position brings to the table.

  • Where do you want to be in a year? In five years?
  • Which job will best aid you in reaching those goals?
  • What about growth opportunities within the company?
  • What are the prospects for learning new skills?
  • Which job will challenge and engage you the most?

3. Listen to your instincts (and your gut!)

A thorough examination and comparison of the job offer facts coupled with a deep dive into the short and long-term possibilities will probably leave you leaning toward one opportunity over the other. Or, the two offers may end up in a dead heat, leaving the choice entirely up in the air.

Except for a feeling in your gut. An intangible something that sends a subtle yet clear vibe, favoring one job over another. Something inside tells you that Job A is the best option for you. Not that Job B is wrong, as it’s likely a fine offer. It’s just that Job A is a better overall fit for your skillset, career goals, and your life needs. Trust your instincts.

Once the decision’s been made and the winning job offer accepted, there’s one more thing to do. Politely and professionally, turn down the other employment opportunity. Never ghost a job offer, make the hiring manager track you down for an answer, or behave in any manner that would “burn the bridge” to future opportunities.

The A.R. Mazzotta team always gives 100% effort towards finding candidates the best, most fitting job opportunities among Connecticut’s finest employers. In addition, our deep connections within various communities can open doors to the best job opportunities. So give our team a call today.