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Put a Spring in Your Career

Ah, the promise of spring. Just the thought of warmer temperatures, longer days, and more sunshine can put a spring in your step. Plans for sprucing up the landscaping and exterior of your home fill your thoughts. You’re itching to roll up your sleeves and dig in, energized by a rush of spring fever.

As you wait for those warmer days to materialize, why not funnel that restless energy towards your career? Spring is a fabulous time to review your career goals and make an assessment of your progress in reaching them. So why not take advantage of the spring-inspired pep-in-your-step to give your career a boost? These five “boosting” strategies are a great place to start.

 1.  The Pandemic Adjustment

Chugging along against the tide of the major upheavals and disruptions wrought by the pandemic, while commendable, may not be the best career strategy. The reality is that many a long-term career game plan took a hit these past two years of waging war against COVID-19. Moseying along as if nothing happened will not cut it. The key is to acknowledge and assess the situation accurately. Then, follow it with more realistic adjustments and post-COVID strategizing to get that game plan back in alignment. You will notice there’s no mention of fussing about what might have been or kicking oneself about missed opportunities. Instead, a focus on forwarding momentum will get the best results.

2.  Break Goals into Bite-sized Pieces

Your career goals are lofty. Good for you! So, improve your chances of succeeding at those goals by slicing these ambitious aspirations into small, manageable tasks. Each time a completed step gets checked off the list, the sense of accomplishment that accompanies it will usher in a momentum-building spurt of energy that will propel you to keep moving forward.

3.  Broaden Your Network

It’s not likely you need reminding that the world has changed. But, have you considered how these changes have rearranged who is in your network, as well as who should be part of your grid? Industries have shuffled, employment opportunities in many sectors have exploded. The “great resignation” has created an extreme candidate-driven market. All of this has culminated in a time of unprecedented prospects. So, expand your network to ensure all of these incredible opportunities find their way to you.

4.  Step Out and Take a Chance

For all of the wise advice about the “pandemic adjustment,” a realistic approach, and bite-sized steps, now could be the perfect time to reach for the stars. Not without careful thought and deliberation, of course, coupled with a trusty pros-and-cons list and some time to dissect the possibilities. But, yes, now could be the ideal time to take a calculated leap of faith.

5.  Make Time for What Makes You Happy

Remember the takeaway from the proverb, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” When you make time for those things about which you are passionate, the people and activities that make you happy, it’s like adding fuel to your brain bank and creativity tank. Play can energize your career, too, with positive spurts to your confidence, morale, and general well-being. So, laugh and play and enjoy. Your career will thank you.

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