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Recruiting Will Look Different in 2022

Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.” – Glen Cathey, SVP Talent Strategy and Innovation, Kforce

It’s a new day –fueled by a new workplace with new work models driven by new technologies. And all of this innovation demands new skill sets and talents sourced with a mindset motivated by diversity and inclusion. Of course, this cry for all things novel demands an original approach to recruiting and hiring as well.

While most point to COVID-19 as the cause of this yearning for the new, many areas now experiencing significant growing pains had noticeable aches and groans before the onset of the pandemic. And now, approaching the two-year mark of the coronavirus’s invasion, chants can be heard from coast-to-coast, lamenting the shortage of workers. So as we seek solutions and forge ahead into 2022, the struggle is indeed real.

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report quantifies the problem. As of the last day of July, the number of job openings nationwide was a historic 10.9 million. On the last business day of October, the number of job openings had continued to climb to 11.0 million.

In this candidate-driven market, it’s unlikely that recruiting and hiring will get easier. What we can expect to see is—

1.    Accelerated hiring process

The days of round after round of interviews are in the past. Because it’s a jobseekers’ market, a faster evaluation process will give a company a competitive edge. When time is of the essence—and that truly does describe today’s job market—smart businesses will establish an innovative recruiting and hiring process that moves quicker, focusing on engagement while not skimping on vetting.

2.    An understanding that remote work will increase in popularity

In the early days of the pandemic, often, it was remote work or no work. We transitioned and adjusted and made it work. Smashingly so, in many cases. Employees saved both time and money on commuting and enjoyed increased time with the family. While many jobs shifted back to a more traditional workplace setting, many employees made a case for continued work-from-home options, at least on a part-time basis. Considerations that would-be employers must keep in mind when scouting for talent. After all, the company that recognizes the allure of work-from-home and makes appealing accommodations will score in the talent war.

3.    Employers who tune into “human skills” will snag the most talented

The need for uniquely human skills will increase despite the growth in technology and AI. Employers who understand this and incorporate ways to scope out “soft skilled” candidates and appeal to their creative, inventive, critical thinking natures will have a competitive edge over employers whose focus centers on hard skills. In addition, candidates who present with a combination of attention-to-detail and interpersonal skills can become a company’s greatest asset even if they require training.

We can be sure that today’s “new” will continue to evolve. What works now in this hiring drought may not work next quarter. The wise employer will evaluate again and again as if they expect the hiring landscape to be ever-changing.

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