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5 Lifestyles to Take Full Advantage of Temporary Jobs

Many people underestimate the potential of temporary positions through job placement agencies. They assume that temp jobs aren’t going to benefit their career, causing them to pass by exceptional positions.  

In reality, temp jobs aren’t just a form of short-term employment; they are career-boosting opportunities that can help make your professional goals a reality.  

While everyone can benefit from temporary positions, certain professionals have a significant amount to gain by choosing these kinds of roles. Here is a look at five lifestyles that can take full advantage of temporary jobs.  

5 Lifestyles to Take Full Advantage of Temporary Jobs: 

1. Stay-at-Home Parents Returning to the Workforce

Many parents choose to take time away from the workforce. Often, the primary motivation is to be there for their children, ensuring they have ample care and guidance during some very critical development years.  

However, once the child begins attending school or is old enough to care for themselves, returning to work is a common goal. The trick is that it can be challenging to land an opportunity after being away from the workforce for several years. Many companies may have questions about your skillset, potentially leading them to feel you aren’t the best choice for a position.  

Luckily, temp jobs can remedy that issue. Companies that use a staffing partner to fill short-term jobs are often more open to hiring candidates with a recent gap in their work history. Since the position is temporary, the idea of taking a chance on a job seeker with a great attitude is more enticing, making it easier for parents that are returning to the workforce to land a role.  

Additionally, short-term placements through staffing services are excellent ways to refamiliarize yourself with your professional skills. You’ll get to put what you know to work again, giving you a chance to shake off the proverbial rust.  

Along the way, you’ll gain new skills, too. You may have a chance to use newer technologies and systems that weren’t in place when you left, ensuring you’re ready for a modern workplace.  

When the assignment is complete, you’ve also closed the gap in your resume. That can make landing your next role easier. Whether you have your sights set on a permanent position or job through a temp-to-hire staffing arrangement, you’ll look like a stronger candidate to hiring managers.  

Stay-at-home parents can also benefit from partnering with a temporary and temp-to-hire staffing agency to find positions. By working with a recruiter, you can get additional support during your job search. Whether it’s updating a resume to reflect the latest trends or helpful tips to ensure you nail an interview, leading staffing services firms are there to give you guidance right when you need it most. 

2. College Students Launching Careers 

Many college students have ample knowledge relating to their chosen field. However, until they secure their first position, the skills they’ve acquired are mainly used in hypothetical scenarios and to handle assignments. While that’s valuable, they haven’t been able to apply their skills in a practical way.  

Additionally, college students may not entirely understand what they want out of a job, workplace, or employer. While they may know that they want to find a company with a great culture and an engaging role, it’s hard to understand what that involves until they’ve taken their first steps into the workforce.  

By going through a staffing partner and accepting a temporary position, college students can get valuable real-world experience. They’ll be able to explore a role to see if it’s a good fit and use their skills in new, practical ways.  

Training in new skill areas is also typical, allowing them to strengthen their resume. Along the way, they’ll also get to learn more about an area employer and boost their professional network. That can make it easier to decide if a company is an excellent long-term fit or access other opportunities moving forward.  

Since temporary jobs are short-term by design, college students can explore a range of options before choosing a career direction. After completing several assignments, you’ll know more about what you want in a position and what you don’t. As a result, when you launch a permanent job search, you can have a clearer target in mind, ensuring you take your career in the right direction from the beginning. 

3. Professionals Making Career Changes 

When you want to make a career change, you usually need a company to take a chance on you. With long-term hires, this can be difficult. Even if you have terrific transferable skills, employers often favor candidates with experience in the field associated with a job. As a result, you may have trouble standing out from the competition, making it harder to complete your career transition.  

However, by focusing on temporary jobs through a staffing partner, you’ll be able to shift into your new field with greater ease. When companies fill short-term roles, they are often more flexible about experience levels and skillsets.  

If you have stellar transferable skills, a willingness to learn, and enthusiasm for the opportunity, temporary job hiring managers may hire you for your potential. Once that happens, you’ll have recent experience in your new field and can add a relevant role to your resume.  

Then, when it’s time to find your next position, you’ll look like a stronger candidate. You’ll have relevant experience right at the top of your work history, making it easier for employers to see what you bring to the table. 

4. Entry-Level Workers Building Skills 

Your first steps into the workforce can be challenging. If you don’t have the skills you need for your preferred role, companies may hesitate to bring you onboard regardless of your willingness to learn. That’s why temp jobs can be such a great fit for entry-level workers.  

Many short-term positions don’t require much – if any – previous experience or technical capability. Instead, companies focus on candidates with amazing attitudes and critical soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and accountability.  

Once you start a temporary job placement, you’ll be able to get practical experience in the workplace. You’ll begin building the kinds of skills that employers want to find in their permanent employees in fairly short order. As a result, once your assignment is done, you’ll be a stronger candidate for other roles, making it easier to keep your career moving.  

Plus, many companies use a temp-to-hire staffing model to secure rising talent. If you exceed expectations, your temp position could transition into a permanent opportunity, allowing you to stay with the company long-term. 

5. Professionals Who Want Job Flexibility 

When professionals think about job flexibility, it isn’t uncommon to assume that freelancing is your best bet. While working as a freelancer is certainly an option, it can also come with extra stress. Finding clients can be surprisingly difficult. Plus, you have to navigate self-employment taxes and other financial complexities.  

For those who don’t want that kind of stress, freelancing might not be a great match. Instead, working with a temp agency can be a better choice.  

By partnering with a job placement firm, you can find out about a range of short-term, project, and contract roles. It gives you the ability to select assignments that align with your skills and your preferred timeline.  

Temp jobs can last anywhere from a single day to several months, with certain ones even hitting a year. Since there is so much variety in the timing, you can decide how much you want to work.  

Plus, when your placement is finished, you have choices. You can transition into another role if you want to keep putting your skills to work or take a break for as long as you need. That gives you an unprecedented amount of flexibility, all without the stress that can come with working as a freelancer.  

Where to Find Career-Boosting Temp Jobs  

If you’re searching for temporary positions, traditional job search tactics aren’t always necessary. You don’t have to spend hours scouring a job board and sending out resumes hoping for a response. Instead, by connecting with a staffing services provider, you can use a straightforward option that makes multiple opportunities available all at once, streamlining your job search efforts.  

Whether you’re looking to launch a new career, are re-entering the workforce, need new skills, or want job flexibility, working with a staffing agency in CT is your perfect approach. At A.R. Mazzotta, our team can connect you with fantastic light industrial and clerical opportunities, allowing you to cultivate your ideal career.  

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