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Time for a Career Change? 5 Signs It’s Time to Move On

While some people pick a career by age ten and remain with it throughout their adult lives, they are a minority. In fact, it is not uncommon to experience multiple career changes over a lifetime of employment opportunities.

Chances are, at some point, you’ve felt the nudge to do something different. Everyone has moments when they are tempted to strike out in search of a new career. The reasons for seeking a career change are many and varied; often, a combination of factors converges to compel a person to make a career change. But the question is, are those reasons valid, or do they result from a temporary situation that will look completely different in a few weeks or months?

It’s wise to evaluate why you feel compelled to make a career change because understanding the cause of your restlessness will help you determine if the time is indeed right to change up careers. Maybe you are experiencing—

  • Burnout

We all have days when we would rather just stay in bed and hit the snooze button. Unfortunately, burnout cannot be cured with a few extra hours of shut-eye because it goes much deeper than simply a lack of sleep. The long-term state of being constantly drained, depleted, and worn out manifests itself in an overall state of just being done. Burnout can have serious mental, physical, and emotional complications if left untreated.

  • Increasing apathy

A growing sense of apathy has resulted in a “just don’t care anymore” attitude that finds you checking out more often than not. A lack of engagement and excitement coupled with a hefty dose of boredom has you operating on autopilot. You invest the bare minimum just to keep a paycheck coming in. Job apathy often seeps into one’s personal life, leaving a wake of misery that can infect the entire family.

  • Life changes

Your current job once fit your life circumstances well, but now, that is no longer the case. Your employment needs have changed because of a marriage, the birth of children, becoming empty-nesters, or the need to care for aging parents. Whether it’s a more flexible schedule or a high wage that has you contemplating a career change, these are valid reasons to consider a career that is better suited to your current needs.

  • A lack of growth opportunities

Perhaps you have climbed the ladder as high as it goes. Or there are simply no new challenges left to keep you engaged. The unmet desire to grow and develop your skills has you feeling stagnate, and where you once loved walking through the door each morning, now you dread it—time for a change.

  • Industry changes

Life circumstances are not the only changes that occur. Perhaps the industry has changed, and you don’t love where it is going. Maybe it no longer lines up with your values and long-term vision. Or perhaps you see the future of the industry tanking, and concerns about the future of your job weigh heavy. Again, a valid reason to explore other options.

Next week, check in to our blog for further guidance in making a move as significant as a career change.

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