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4 Characteristics of Exceptional Call Center Reps

It’s happened to every one of us. We reach a customer service representative whose professionalism, knowledge, and pleasant helpfulness masterfully handles every detail of our dilemma. The encounter is so satisfying that a warm glow presides over the rest of our day.

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the flip side as well. As luck would have it, our call is answered by a knows-next-to-nothing, rude, surly rep who succeeds in accomplishing nothing except to waste our precious time via a sluggish attempt to remedy the situation. And a dark cloud follows us the rest of the day.

While answering calls may seem like an easy job, the characteristics needed to excel in a call center position are many, including—

  1. The ability to communicate clearly

Without a doubt, excellent communication skills top the list of must-haves in a call center environment. The importance of delivering clear, concise communication cannot be over-emphasized, whether in the form of answers, directions, or explanations. Active listening also plays a crucial role in effective communication. The ability to decipher the exact nature of the caller’s concern, confusion, or question is the first step in delivering an exceptional call center experience. A friendly tone sets the atmosphere for the call, and “a smile in the voice” can smooth ruffled feathers and prickly tempers.

  1. An empathetic spirit

The frustration and irritation spouting from upset callers will often soften when it’s evident that they personally and their situation matter to the call center rep. Everyone wants to be heard, to be assured his/her need is valued by the agent seeking a resolution. By listening and acknowledging concerns and questions, reps can diffuse tense situations and move the conversation toward a timely and satisfying conclusion.

  1. Attention to detail

The responsibilities of a call center agent can lean toward the monotonous, with the task of addressing the same questions and complaints day after day. The temptation to robotically toss out an answer without garnering a thorough understanding of each situation can be more than just a little tempting. But the dedicated rep will commit to the same attention to detail with every caller by engaging active listening and delivering a detail-oriented solution customized to each caller.

  1. Willingness to go the extra mile

Customers brim with appreciation when they experience excellent, personalized service. Such as when an agent apologizes for a billing error and promptly issues a credit. Or when a rep willingly and cheerfully takes the time to find the right person to handle the situation or answer the question that he/she is not equipped to handle. Or when they extend an offer for expedited shipping to ensure the product arrives on time. And rather than hurry to wrap things up, a conscientious representative will ask the right questions to ensure he/she has done everything possible to bring the situation to a satisfying conclusion.

If your skillset matches these characteristics, a position in the call center may be in your future. Allow A.R. Mazzotta to find an employment scenario that will utilize and appreciate your skills. Discover firsthand why we’re known for melding employment solutions that work for the great workers across Connecticut.