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Remote Workforce Continues to Grow: What Positions Work Well Remotely?

The number of folks seeking remote work opportunities has been on the rise in recent years. And with good reason. The list of perks enjoyed by remote employment affords the flexibility many long for in these days of complex lives, hectic schedules, and family responsibilities. For a host of individuals and families, remote work translates into the freedom to pursue career dreams while attending life.

All of this rang true even before the pandemic launched a wave of remote-work scenarios. Overnight, tens of thousands of traditional employees found themselves working remotely. As the workforce settled into this new, presumably temporary scenario, people who had never had the opportunity to explore the reality of working remotely, saw this unique employment opportunity from a new perspective, as did their employers.

Now, as COVID-19 lingers, our collective thinking envisions ever-expanding possibilities for remote work. Across a wide range of industries, it is clear that remote work will continue to impact the way companies approach day-to-day operations. The key to utilizing this trend will be zeroing in on those positions best suited to remote work parameters. What type of jobs will work well remotely?

  • Customer Service Jobs

Because many aspects of customer service can be taken care of via telephone or internet, the various positions within this important department can easily transition to working remotely. The same skills needed for in-house positions—communication skills, a friendly demeanor, patience, organizational aptitude—will play critical roles for the customer service rep working from home.

  • Virtual Assistant

The many and varied tasks undertaken by a virtual assistant readily transition to a work-from-anywhere scenario. The administrative and social media engagement responsibilities that make up a large portion of a virtual assistant’s duties can be performed anytime, anywhere. This versatility makes the position a “dream job” for individuals whose family responsibilities limit when work-related tasks can be accomplished. The wonders of technology provide many easily accessible, quality means of communicating with the boss.

  • Transcriptionist

Hiring a person to convert voice recordings to document form is common in both the medical and legal professions. With the proper knowledge of the terms and “jargon” for the particular field, transcriptionists can make an excellent wage. Transcribing these recordings can take place at various locations during a time that is convenient for the transcriptionist.

  • Accountant 

The crucial tasks an accountant performs for businesses and individuals can easily be carried out in a home office. It’s not uncommon for accountants to maintain a “regular” office away from home in addition to an in-home space for work after hours. Transitioning all operations to a remote, in-home workstation can drastically decrease the cost of overhead. When interacting with clients is necessary, any number of technology-enhanced means can provide excellent avenues of communication.

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