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How to Be a Standout Employee    

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”    — Aristotle

You’re the new guy or gal on the payroll. Of course, you want to perform your tasks and responsibilities well—that’s a given. But what you really want is to get noticed, to stand out, in a positive way. Because you have your eye trained on the future, you want to increase your chances for advancement, to up the odds that career opportunities will come your way.

Some folks are careful to stay within their specific job parameters, choosing a middle ground that gets the job done, and that’s it. But those hoping to advance within the company will need to up their game. Sure, good workers will be appreciated. But when it comes time to promote, management will be looking for men and women who continuously find ways to help the company succeed, save money, and advance within the industry. Those are the employees whose standout behavior will put their names on the promotion list.

Consider these 5 strategies that will keep your career on the path to advancement.

1.    Show respect for existing employees

What does respect look like in the workplace? An appreciation for the knowledge and experiences of your co-workers. A willingness to listen to them, to collaborate, to compromise when necessary. To ask questions rather than assume you’re in the know about past happenings. Make suggestions and share ideas, by all means, but do so in a way that respects your co-workers’ ideas and opinions.

2.    Go above and beyond

Jenna Arcan from Work It Daily shares an example. “If you work in customer service and someone needs help, go beyond offering ‘standard help.’ Instead of saying to a customer, ‘Call this number, and they can help you,’ do it for them! Customers like to compliment excellent service. It is a big deal when upper management or the president of the company hears from customers, and they are complimenting YOU.”

3.    Share ideas and suggestions

Take a pro-active approach to your job by making thoughtful suggestions and voicing ideas. “I’ve been wondering if this would work . . .” or “Has anyone ever tried . . .” demonstrate an attitude that sprouts from an innovative mind rather than a know-it-all-I-have-all-the-answers mindset. Will management love every idea? Doubtful, but that’s okay. Keep sharing because, at some point, a thought or idea is likely to make a tangible difference. And feedback offered in the right spirit shows your concern for and support of the company.

4.    Demonstrate a sense of urgency

 The Young Entrepreneur Council gathered advice from startup founders on how to stand out to your boss. Mark Cenicola of BannerView.com shares, “When I ask an employee to do something, the default assumption should be that I need it right away. High-performing employees have a sense of urgency to get things done as they arise to avoid getting backed up with tasks. These same employees also know how to prioritize or ask for assistance in determining what should be done first.”

5.    Focus on positivity and personal connections

You’ve heard it, shared in a reverent tone, “He/she is irreplaceable,” followed by the reasons why said employee is so highly respected. Attributes and descriptors will follow, such as provides a constant boost of morale, has a positive attitude, always willing to lend a hand, good with people, a “people person,” makes lasting connections. While a replacement could learn job tasks, this combination of team spirit and personal relationships cannot be taught.

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